Friday, November 29, 2013

Dead Turkey Aftermath

Well, that holiday went quickly and quietly.  At least for me. Unable to reach the sister to offer good wishes - tried all day - so I suppose she was out with neighbors enjoying good food and fun times. She deserves all the good times and laughter she gets. 

Couldn't reach my carrier by phone yesterday, so I sent an email to support explaining the cell phone situation and the odd bit about missed calls and delayed text messages. I didn't expect much - it being a holiday, and all - but believe it or not, Tech. Rep. Jeremy called (I left the land line number in the message) just before I sat down to afternoon dinner. 

Jeremy entered all the particulars of the phone, then proceeded to spend the better part of an hour troubleshooting the problem.  All phones on the Virgin network - as those on Tracfone - contain locked, proprietary hardware, no open source or replaceable SIM cards.  I hope that makes sense.  

 He walked me through everything I had already done while he was somehow logged onto the line, or something like that. Then he put me on hold and poked around the innards by himself to explore what might be the problem. Anyway, nothing worked.

Meanwhile, I poured myself a festive Eggnog and waited.

He returned saying he thought the phone may be dying, but promised to check with their LG specialists today and get back to me. He warned not to get my hopes up and frankly, I was too tired (and hungry!) to expend that much energy, anyhow.  

I enjoyed a little warm étouffée with rice, cool shrimp remoulade, and a glass of wine.  First to touch my lips in 3 months and it knocked me out.  Not necessarily a bad thing. Had I stayed awake boredom would have seeped in and drowned my soul.

Thanksgiving?  Giving Thanks?

If I were to make a list of things to be thankful for this year it would be a short one, indeed. The negatives far outweigh the positives.

In the past when things looked bleak I could always be grateful for my good health. The world isn't so bad, if you have your health. Right?  Well, life has been looking pretty grim this year and it's attributable to  my poor health. 

Last I checked, I am in a kind of limbo adrift somewhere between a marrow transplant and acute Leukemia.  Take your pick.  Depends on who you listen to, and when.  

I hope Jeremy calls back this afternoon. I'm sure he will; he sounded like a 'see-it-through' kind of guy.  No matter the news I won't be upset. It's only a phone, f'chrissakes!  I'll just get a brand-y new phone, is all. It is what it is. 

Pity Party of One!  Your table is ready.

And so it goes.



  1. During our (Pat and I) recent sojourn in Philadelphia I stopped by the Apple store (right around the corner from the hotel where we were staying) to have them check my iPhone which I was having trouble turning off. They replaced it then and there, no questions asked. No cost either since I was under warranty. Ask me again why I use Apple products.

    Are we still on for lunch tomorrow? I just called FaceTime and no answer. You might be off in Dreamland.


    1. Yep. Dreamland. Yes - meet me at the Henlopen City Oyster House @ 12:30. If you arrive before me, ask for a table in corner, away from others as possible, Oh, and no Sequins this time!

  2. Not good at all, Cajun - but then you're the one who's telling it. Wish I could offer consolation to lift you a bit, but it would only be words from another isolated soul - though mercifully not in as bad shape, healthwise, as you unfortunately appear to be.
    I really do sincerely wish you a speedy upturn in your condition - and hope to be reading about it here soon. Go as well as you are able, my friend..

  3. (Not sure if the comment I previously submitted 'took', but in case it didn't:-)

    Not at all good, Cajun - but you already know that. Wish I could offer you words of consolation which would lift you a bit but they'd only be coming from another isolated soul. Value your health? Yes, but what happens if you don't have much of it in the first place?
    However, I do sincerely hope that soon we'll be reading about an upturn in your condition. Go as well as you're able to, my friend.

    1. Thanks. I'm more frustrated than anything else, but I still laugh a lot and retain my silly sensahumah. I'd be truly dead without those two things.

      Take care and thanks again, my friend.

    2. Well, whether you were serious or not - and I know that at a certain level you really WERE serious - when I read blogs like this one I count my (present) blessings, knowing all the while that my own 'turn' is probably just round the corner. But thanks for your reciprocal wishes.


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