Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holland. 200 Years Young!

Happy Birthday, Holland!

Or, The Netherlands. 200 years old and more beautiful with each passing year.  The celebrations will go on from today, November 30, 2013 through November, 2015!  Now that's what I call a party. From friend, Peter (Tippin' the Scales):

"The Kingdom of the Netherlands started 200 years ago today. It was the day we got independence from France, with the landing of Prince Willem-Frederik of Orange-Nassau in Scheveningen [near The Hague]. We may have the oldest national anthem in the world, it was written between 1569 and 1572, but the foundation of the Kingdom started on November 30, 1813. It took, after getting a new Constitution,  till September 26, 1815 before Prince Willem-Frederik was inaugurated as king. Then this nation also concluded the Southern Netherlands, better known today as Belgium and Luxembourg but also the colonies of Indonesia, Surinam and New Guinea. Over the years they’ve all gone their own way."
 I fell in love with the country on the first visit. The history, land, people, creativity, science & technology, cheese, art & culture, simple way of life, windmills - must never forget windmills, all drew me in easily and effortlessly. Love at first sight.
Congratulations to the people of The Netherlands and to the rest of us, her ardent admirers. I hope to pay a last visit before the party is over. Go to Peter's place and read the rest.
More later.


  1. Thanks for this post. It's still a wonder why we became a Kingdom instead of a Republik as we've been for many ages before.

  2. Between 1980 and 1991 I went to Amsterdam 35 times, becoming something of an addict. (No need to expand, is there?) But did also see a little of the country outside that esteemed city, namely Rotterdam and Utrecht - and not to mention a certain beach at Zandfoort.
    It seems like you got a much more rounded view. I was usually too tired during the daylight hours to follow many 'worthwhile' pursuits. Like you, I very much look forward to one or more return visits.


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