Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Note From Hell

Two CT Scans again yesterday, this time to find out if anything grows within my head or chest. (Think of Fungus.) Find out the results today.

Patient Care Services will be sending someone to chat today - if I can keep the fevers down - to plan for my needs if I am released. No, they’re not sure that’s going to happen until they see the numbers. And what degree of “mobile” I’ll have moving on.

Only spiked a single fever last night and I feel stronger today. Although walking is difficult, I tire easily, and the calves hurt almost immediately, if I build walking strength does’t mean I will be free of a wheel chair.  Grim future, that is.

The Locos Guys were in for a long visit yesterday, as was a friend from the previous life. The visit with the locos guys was fun and serious at the same time. They are still holding my job for me and really wish I was back. Seems they’ve had a homophobia issue with new summer staff this year.  And no one to turn it around.

It was great to visit and catch up on the daily goings on at the restaurant and good to know they would have me back, if I could ever return.  That’s a few positive things to draw strength from right there. Today I received a massive flower arrangement from the guys and the staff.  Nice touch. Made me cry.  Jeez, what a sap!

Yesterday was a carousel of medicine changes. Two of which I had never heard about before. They’ve also changed the doses and times of the pain meds, so I don’t have to writhe in pain for the in-between  extra hours.  Spreading it out in smaller dosages for shorter periods of time proved workable for me yesterday and last night.

Woke up once and received the pain drugs quickly and returned to sleep right away before the pain could get a firm hold and shake the shit out of me. See, I’m even getting a handle on Med-speak. (grin)

I’m learning more about the pecking order in hospitals than I ever needed to know. It’s a dirty business and it seems that by my recent actions, I’ve upset the balance and a few are unhappy. It will be a stand alone story when I feel well enough to write it, not today.

Let’s just say that I dismissed the duty doctor and leave it there for now.
Working with Patient Services this afternoon ti sort out Power of Attorney & End of Life Directives.  And whatever else they may think important. I know have the right person to handle that stuff now.  I’m in good hands.

Stuck here for a few ore days, at least. Cannot be I be released as long as I cannot take care of myself in my own place. Tomorrow is another day, believe it or not.

It is what it is.

And so it goes.



  1. As in my case, they may send you to a nursing home/rehab type facility as an interim solution to sending you home. Medicare Part A does cover that. I think you will need some skilled nursing some place, because you won't yet be strong enough to have home health nurses for your needs.

    For me it has been a long drawn out solution, but on the positive side, I was told to have my son bring my vehicle here to see if I could transfer to it all right. That is the next step to going home. I still need pain pills for when I try to walk, because my legs, especially my knees hurt so bad when standing.

    Best wishes to you, Cajun, on being able to get out of the hospital very soon. Also, keep on them about managing your pain and giving you medicine to help you sleep as needed. Take care, my friend.

  2. :) to hear you havd a nice visit/flowers from the locos guys.

    and I can TOTALLY see you putting any homophobes in their place (hands on hips, pointy finger up, "bitch please!").

    I can't wait to read the words "I'm going home" on these pages!

    love you, honey!

  3. Whatever you're going through right now, just remember to not give up. At least your pain meds are still working, I know friends who don't respond to pain meds no more, now that is scary. You'll be in my prayers, although i don't really pray. lol. Take care

  4. You are loved by more folks that you realize and you are sorely missed at work. Here's hoping for a miracle.

  5. It's good to hear you are feeling stronger, keep it up - OK. I hope the CT Scans show good results. Its also good to hear about the visits from friends.

    Take care,

  6. My positive thoughts don't seem to have any effect at all. I can only try to crank them up several gears. You haven't been very distant from my mind, C, but that'll be of little consolation to you. If only we and all your many well-wishers could make this nasty thing disappear and let you get back again to some semblance of a life to be enjoyed. Still wishing for it like mad.

  7. Tomorrow is another day is the optimist I love in you. Keep it up and I too, like Anne Marie, so look forward to the I'm going home in a future post. XO


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