Monday, October 27, 2014

Got to Admit It’s Getting Better…

...A little better, all the time.

I wake up every morning with a song in my head, I woke up singing this song this morning, so let’s hope it’s a good sign.

Second day without a fever, little appetite, and no news on the new digs front. I’ve been sleeping a little better, more relaxed; although I sometimes feel that I am sleeping away what last hours I may have in this life.  Still it’s good.

Two friends from my previous life visited and were subjected to the doctor’s tirade about my “living on borrowed time” but if it bothered them, it didn’t show. Personally I was relieved that he finally went public here in my room with strangers in attendance so that I could have a chat with the attending nursing staff. 

End of life issues will be openly discussed in this room from now on.  No more “we don’t talk of those things here.” I won’t have it. I’ll do my best to get well enough to get out and on my own, but without denying what lies ahead.  They will adjust or move on. My sensahumah remains intact, so don’t fuck with my life.

My friends had just left the Memorial Service for an old friend who passed away a few weeks ago. He was Ron’s (Retired in Delaware) lifelong buddy Big-Bob and he had many friends here. Of course, I was stuck here and in this frantic environment had forgotten the date. Before sleep took me, I brought back memories of some of the good times we had together, then said my good-bye, as well.

Received a phone call from regular reader, Calvin, the other evening (don’t ask which one).  It was a joy to chat with him, to give voice to the comments and kindness he’s shown.  

Linda returned from Ireland and stopped by on her way home yesterday. As is usual for her, she brought back an Irish Medical Kit containing 3 different bottles of Jameson’s - if I’m ever in need. (grin) Of course, that could be any minute, as I am sure you’ve guessed.

My room has become a sort of safe-haven for some of the nurses during their shift. If things get too hairy at their station, they just come in here, sit down, and we make fun of the world for a few minutes. This seems to help restore their sanity allowing them to face another hour or two.

One frazzled nurse came in looking quite scared. A drunk had just been dumped on her who happened to be going through violent withdrawal, threatening to beat her up if she didn’t let him up so he could find his “vodka to get his morning off right.” When he finally lunged for her, she took off and came over here.  I asked about the police and if there was a guard to protect her from this crazy guy. 

She leaned her head back, barked out a laugh and said, “yeah, there’s a guard. This guy is 6’4’’ and the little bitch guarding him is around 2’3”. What the hell can she do? Maybe she could hold onto his ankles as he dragged her around the room!” Then we both laughed at the image of the prisoner and guard together.  Then we laughed some more.

Want to thank Ann Marie & Todd in Philly for the lovely card. It was sent to the apartment about a month ago and I just got it yesterday.  Thanks for thinking of me.

I hope I have energy enough today to read (catchup on) some fave blogs. It’s been a long time. But don’t hold me to it. It’s far too easy to simply read a book on the Nexus7 and fall asleep as needed. I wouldn’t want to fall asleep, drop the laptop and break it. 

Maybe I’ll post again after I find out the current status of the blood work and the antibiotic infusion.

And so it goes.


  1. good to hear from you, as always. go check out my "saturday night dance party" post for 10/25; it's dedicated to YOU!

  2. You made me smile this morning. Thank you.
    You've got the sensahumah. Having worked in a hospital for years I know that if your room has become a haven for them it means you are a blessing to them. You are spreading good and the more you spread good the more you get. And so what if you're living on borrowed time, I'm glad you are so borrow as much of it as you want. Keep that song in your head and on your the words of Gene Kelly to Debbie Reynolds just before he performs the title song to the movie "From where I stand the sun is shining all over the place". It may be rainin Cajun, but your sun is still shining! XO

  3. It was good to talk to you Wayne, with everything you are going thru I was hoping I had not been a bother to you. I will call again if it is all right with you. As Fearsome says, the nurses are coming to your room because your kindness and good nature is indeed a blessing to everyone. I'm sure those nurses have seen enough bad in people to know and appreciate a really good person when they are in their presence. It is good to hear those fevers are staying away, let's keep it that way. Take care my friend,

  4. Like Always Positive Vibes and Thoughts .... Looking Forward To Novembers Tarot Card!

  5. So glad to read things have improved, if only a little. I have no doubt you have become a favorite among the staff there. You certainly are a favorite of mine.

  6. Jameson is an anodyne like no other.


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