Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rigers, Oxygen, & Demerol

Bother!  It’s happened again.  Just when I thought I was getting a handle on the relationship between the fevers and the acute pain another new wrinkle is added to the mix.

At 1:30 this morning I was virtually flattened by a fever of 103! It came out of nowhere, sent nurses into quick action, left me sprawled, trembling with Rigers as they attempted to warm me up and make me comfortable. I also received another 6-pak of platelets. Which seemed to help, too.

No false alarm this time round (you know how tired I get just writing the same things over and over again?) only a real slam-bang slice of the nasties to ruin my night’s sleep and make the day miserable. I’m eating a little more, though not much. 

Bev-Ann, one of the best nurses at the center called this morning to say good-bye, seems she’s on her way to 3-weeks in Spain and wanted to tell me she missed me and hoped I was doing well.  Now how nice is that??

The rest of today has been more surprising than ever. As the sun tried to make an appearance through heavy cloud and rains, my energy level seemed to perk up and I was suddenly very hungry. 
After a moderate size breakfast - with 2 cups of coffee, mmd you! - I shaved and trimmed by beard (baby-fearsome is still thicker than I ever imagined. I set about doing a medi-wipes hand shower, followed by a good shampooing.  I’ve not been able to shave my head in almost a month, still can’t, but I was able to scrub it clean and feel refreshed.  More than I have in weeks.

Attacked all the paper work and updated mailings from credit cards, credit union, etc. It’s been sorted out and will go into the file cabinet when Linda returns this weekend. 

By lunch time I was hungry again, but only enough room for a soup, crackers, and some sherbet.  More than enough for me; it felt good not to waste food, too.

After lunch I knew I was done for the day and settled in to read a while.The pain was really bad, but so far, no fevers. A very good sign. Put on oxygen, grabbed an icepack for my upper back, slid under the covers and rested.

For some bizarre reason I feel a kind of calmness that some things are about to fall into place and I’ll be out of here soon.

The LocosGuys called with more cryptic questions and statements regarding my time frame for the move. They keep pointing to an apartment in a specific development, but won’t give me information, so I am not going to take in seriously as I continue to hunt for new digs. 

While I like the guys, this is no time for 20 questions, Truth or Consequences, or Jeopardy.  I need a place to live. No games! I have no time for games, and even less time for bullshit.

Now I await a happy painkiller to see e through.  
Here’s hoping for a peace filled, glorious night. The Seawitch Weekend begins tomorrow.

And so it goes.



  1. I am so glad to see you are eating! and perhaps the locosguys are being cryptic cause they are planning a B-I-G surprise for you!

    being able to bathe is a good feeling; there is just something about being clean...I wish you had gotten a pix of baby fearsome though.

    I am cooking up a special saturday night dance party post...hope you are able to view it this week!

    smooches and hugs, honey!

  2. I'm glad you had a better day after the fever subsided, I hope the fever will stay away and you will continue to gain strength.

    Take care,

  3. Appetite, clean up and paperwork. Good job Cajun! Little by little. Hang in there we is all thinkin bout you!


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