Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vandals, Vitals, and The Boogie Man

Vandals set off the fire alarm on the floor making the scene look like something from a Three Stooges movie.

An elderly patient died a little while ago, sending the already over-wrought nursing staff caring for her into a tailspin. My room could have used a couple of bottles of wine to help deal with the pain. I don’t know the person, those who did loved her to death.  Literally.

Ron (Retired in Delaware) paid a visit having read yesterday’s post he thought it was safe and I’d not be groggy or asleep. He was right. That didn’t happen until later in the afternoon.  My own fault. I tried to do too much in one day.  Pain meds helped take the edge off in the afternoon and evening.

Linda brought Chinese food for lunch as we scanned the papers for year-round apartment rental ads.  Making phone calls between bites quickly became tedious, so we settled on eating first before returning to the search.

Apartment hunting eventually took me to Craigslist where I found 3 possibilities. Having never been to the list, it took a while to navigate the site and learn the shortcuts.  Still not sure I know many of them, it is a strange place, indeed.

Three days to go on antibiotics, the pneumonia should be pretty much gone and I ought to be free to go - if my blood numbers keep up to speed.  Trouble is, no where to go - yet. Back on oxygen to further clear up the crackles in the lungs and am now using a new device that looks like something between a bong and a killing tool from Star Wars. It is supposed to strengthen the lung capacity.

Took another walk this morning and the thing must be working because I wasn’t short of breath or dizzy when I returned to the room. Oxygen level remained at 96%, so I guess I’m doing something right. 

All things considered, it’s a pleasure being in a place where every waking moment isn’t devoted to hyperventilating about the Ebola scare. From what I’ve read, not much I’l grant you, this is being hyped just like the H2N1 virus was a few years ago. No one seems to be as terrified as the media would like us to believe.

One can read 3 different news sites and come away with three different story lines.Nothing seems to be focused or presented without some mild hysteria.  Yeez! 

Reality, people.  Reality.

And so it goes.



  1. the ebola hysteria is just that - hysteria. pay no attention to the screaming.

    such good news today! makes me wanna get up and dance!

  2. Gotta sell those ads to make the share holders happy. Create hysteria, it's sells ads!

  3. Your chance of contacting Ebola is 1:13,000,000,00 .... Continued News on Moving Forward For You It Looks Like. I know you look forward to the day you can sit on the boardwalk and rake in the early morning sites and sounds of the beach.

  4. We face more immediate danger every time we get in our car (Route One especially) than from any exotic foreign disease. Ebola is this year's Swine Flu media circus.

  5. OMG Wayne, I'm so sorry to hear you have been having a worse time with your health. It sounds like the doctors & nurses are on track to keep you feeling the best you can be under the circumstances. I can't believe you have been going thru all this while I have been wallowing in self pity over the loss of my sister. I do hope you find a comfortable place to live. I know that is weighing on your mind heavily. Take care and my thoughts are with you along with my prayers. Fran

  6. Everything sounds encouraging today - Yay for that! Good luck with the apartment search and please continue feeling better.

    Take care,

  7. I wish I could visit, too (and, trust me, we've explored how and when). There's never a day you're not on my mind. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with those of us who can only be there in spirit. You are brave and strong and wonderful.

  8. I was glad to hear you had visitors.


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