Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Counting the Beats and Pain.

Three weeks and counting. The past few days have been confusing, astounding, and eventful.

Had a few visitors - folks brave enough to face what I look like without screaming into the wind and jumping into the ocean. A few of my doctors have dropped by just to check in. A couple of nurses and techs from the Center have also come by to check to make sure I’m still breathing.

This past weekend was Jazz Fest and, as usual, one of my fave bands were playing at the restaurant. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call on the hospital phone from the leader of that band. He proceeded to inform the audience that I was on the phone (the collective reply was, “Hi Wayne, Get Well.” 

Tim then told me he was going to play 2 of my favorites back to back and wanted me to listen to the new arrangements he’d just worked out. I was both thrilled and embarrassed, but he put the phone down before I could voice a complaint or say another word.

Keep in mind that I didn’t have a high fever, but the pain level was through the roof. I have just been zapped with a painkiller and was halfway to happy town when the music began to flow. Autumn in New York drew me in right away allowing me to wallow in my own past images of NY in the Fall.  Great memories. There was great applause when it ended. I think he’t got another winner there.

He picked up the phone, asked my opinion, then before I could give a revise of my own, he launched into the second one.  I Happen to Like New York. I was totally blown away. Yes, of course, I was in tears when that one ended.  But what a treat for a shut-in on a cold autumn weekend.  I loved it.

Linda has called every day from Ireland to check in and make sure things are moving right along. I suppose they are, but achingly slowly at this point.

Two guys from the restaurant showed up last evening for a brief chat, while Nicole came by with bags of junk mail and other nonsense from the apartment.  She took the car out for a drive since it’s been over a month since I’ve done so.

No fever last night either, but great pain in legs and lower spine. I was given  an IV earlier but that’s worn off, so I am about to be put down with another IV push.

I wish I had more energy to sit up long enough to read through, and respond to your many comments.   Maybe tomorrow.

One day at a time, just one at a time.

And so it goes. 


  1. I wish I were closer, so I could provide some comfort in person. Please know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sean R.

  2. A Good Start a To The Week ........ Positive Vibes 24/7 sent your way Wayne!

  3. That's great that you got to hear the band play those two songs and a whole restaurant full of well wishers - that was so thoughtful. Its good to hear that your friends are watching out for you too. Please continue to rest and gain your strength.

  4. What a treat that call was. You know you are loved and missed. You have a way with people, I can see it in your smile from the photos even though I haven't met you. You can see a good soul who cares. Wishing you good in the days ahead. XO

  5. One day at a time, indeed.
    I am so sorry about the pain. I can not imagine.


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