Saturday, October 11, 2014

Good (and Bad) News:

Only minor pain overnight and mostly in the leg muscles and upper back.  Felt like I was beaten with a heavy log in both places. Pain meds helped both times. 

Developed an allergic reaction to an ant-acid script that caused upset stomach that could possibly set off internal bleeding…waiting to see. In my condition, any bleeding is dangerous.

Lab results show another drop in platelets, so I will be receiving another unit today.  Not much interests in food today, either. A few biscuits with butter and honey, coffee and an Ensure were all I could handle so far.

Little bit of fever, just enough to create a scare, set off alarm bells. Took the meds and so far, so good. Hasn’t gone any higher in an hour. Got everything crossed.

Took a nap this afternoon that included a dream about a new living space. It was near the water on the bay. Of course, the dream included a miraculous sun set before the sweet voice of the nurse assistant woke me gently.

In reality there is no news of the new living quarters front at all today. Something has got to happen soon I can’t stay here much longer and they can’t release me to the apartment on the second floor.  Pitcher meet stone - Stone meet pitcher.

No visitors on this dark, rainy Autumn day, was hoping there might be to help pass the time. A couple of phone calls came in. Being on the pain meds it’s just as well I haven’t anyone to entertain.  Of course, I would love a festive cocktail at a Happy Hour somewhere, but I’ll just let that continue to be a dream, something to look forward to somewhere down this crazy road.

I am finally sporting the DNR bracelet and feel better for it. Confusion or mix ups can now be avoided.  

DNR = Do Not Resuscitate

Now that the Advanced Directives are in place, I needed that to be completely covered in any event.;

And so it goes.



  1. you have made some difficult but necessary decisions this week. and you made the decisions whilst you were coherent to do so. not everyone is that lucky.

    I wish you a good sleep tonight, friend.

  2. I have to agree with AM, be thankful you were you and able to get those directives done. Not easy to do, but thankful to be able to do. May the night bring you healing sleep. XO

  3. I'm hoping you continue to get stronger and that DNR bracelet will be a non issue. You're probably tired of reading this line but "you are in my thoughts". Hopefully you will get that ground floor apartment soon.

    Take care,

  4. Wise move to do the DNR and such; may it not be necessary for a long long time.

  5. I thought I wrote my comment - I will repeat it: I too think this a sensible move but hope it is for a very long time away.


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