Saturday, November 13, 2010

Racing Toward the New Year

Seems that since the end of DST and the shorter days, time is whizzing by at warp speed. When life ought to be a slow and lovely waltz, I am doing the boogie as fast as I can and still can't keep up.  No personal post since last Tuesday, but there is a bit to address and share, so here goes.

Wednesday, at the suggestion of the 'financial adviser' handling the simple IRA account, I downloaded my free credit reports from the big-3 and you can imagine my surprise when I found that I am still named in 2 accounts from the previous life - a mortgage taken out in 2007 and a revolving Visa card acct. - both with the same lender. These show up on all 3 reports, so they're not a mistake....well, yes they are, but....  Not wanting to be responsible for loans or purchases made after the breakup and sale of the house once owned jointly, I called the institution who promised to return my call with updates. I am still waiting.

Thursday, Veterans Day. Back at work the bosses amazed me yet again with their generosity by surprising dining Vets with a free dessert to compliment their meal.  The first table of the day featured 7 WW2 vets and when the desserts were delivered you would have thought we had given them the Statue of Liberty. It was difficult to hold back the tears.

Thanking them for their service as they were leaving I heard variations of "that was very kind" and "the gesture is appreciated, but unnecessary". They are a dying breed of American. There was a ceremony honoring the Vets at the ocean, so the restaurant was quite busy the entire day.

Friday, worked with a great staff and arrived home exhausted (still fighting the remnants of the head cold) and just wanted some 'comfort food' to get through the night.  Chili made a while back and frozen in individual containers was just the thing, served with Pepper Jack cheese and salad. It hit the spot.  Took a hot shower and hit the sheets remembering nothing else until this morning.  Yeah!

Saturday, today was one of those Autumn days to savor. Clear sky, light breeze blowing the falling, golden leaves around, people all over town shopping, enjoying the annual Film Festival that's taken over the multi-plex for 4 days, and dining with us. To be honest, it reminded me of an August day with so many people enjoying the weather and one another. There was no room at the bar, so I sipped my after-shift cocktail with the kitchen staff then walked home as the sun set.  There is a spinach salad ready for dinner, only the bacon, hard-boiled eggs and dressing are waiting to make it come together.

I will finish my olives and make it so.  Cheers.

And so it goes.


  1. Again a hectic week comes to an end. Hope you have enough olives and 'marinade' at home to drift through the weekend! ;)

  2. You may want to file a complaint directly with the credit report agencies.

    For the veterans, that was a very nice gesture indeed.

    Beautiful day here too.


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