Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seawitch, Film Fest, and Beyond

Sheesh!  Halloween is over, Film Fest is next week, and Thanksgiving looms large. At least I haven't heard any Christmas music yet.  It's only a matter of time.

Seawitch Festival was a huge success over the weekend.  Turn out was the largest ever, thanks to the gorgeous Autumn weather and calm seas. There were more costumed adults than kids, and more pet costumes for the pet parade than even the adults. There was a family with 6 Corgis all dressed as spiders (last year they were lobsters!) and I am sure they won some prize for their creativity.

The entire dining room and bar staff were in costume on Saturday, and though we were super busy, we found time to laugh and take pictures with our customers. (The shot above was taken by the boss. Click to embiggen.)  It was a record day for the restaurant, as well. Of course, Saturday Special being $15. pitchers of margaritas or sangria did have an impact. By the end of the shift we all felt it.  Exhausted, but wound up from all the excitement.
"Star Fairy, Tooth Fairy, and Minnie Mouse" (Star and Minnie work in the kitchen)
The fun continued into Sunday when the little ones got their chance to get free goodies by 'trick or treating' at all the shops in town.  And the family atmosphere spilled over into Monday with lots of kids in the restaurant.  Three extremely busy days in a row - in the off season - who'da thunk it?

As I walked to my polling place Tuesday, I was confronted by a man and a woman who appeared close to tears and whining that I simply MUST vote for Christine O'Donnell, to save our country... From what, I asked.  Wrong question.  They launched into the usual fear inducing talking points becoming more shrill as their list grew.  Well rehearsed, I must say. I smiled and said that I couldn't vote for O'Donnell because I had just touched myself and she would not approve. Their looks of horror almost made me laugh, had it not been so scary. I left them standing in the street stupefied, frozen in place.

After voting (in a fairly busy polling place, I might add) I ran into my state Rep who kept to the high road in his campaign and thanked him for doing so.  He was pleased that I had noticed and thanked me for my support. I invited him to have lunch with us, but he declined saying he had to visit all the polling places in his district and would be out and about until the polls closed, but that he and his wife would be in for lunch soon.  I walked across the avenue to work, having some paperwork to get out of the way for the website and end-of-month data.

I was very happy to learn this morning that the majority of my choices won their election or re-election and that the Delaware House and Senate remain in good hands. And Miss O'Donnell lost, making it a great morning all round.

It's cold this morning - about 34'F - and I have a few errands to get out of the way (having to work yesterday threw me off schedule) before I can begin hanging pictures around the place.  Yes, things are slowly take a sort of shape around here and it's a bit easier to visualize how the place will eventually look.  Comfortable and colorful.

More later.


  1. Like sounds good. I'm jealous, you had more party fun that I did Halloween. I worked too but NADA. Just me and the ghosts at the Inn.

    I almost fell off my chair when I read you told the O'Donnell zombies that you touched yourself. Only problem is that now I have that image in my mind.

    Oh well, have a great day!

  2. I'm with Ron. I did a spit-take when I read what you told the whiners. Oh, THAT was gooood!!! Extra points for that one!

    Sadly across the border insanity reigned and I must apologize to the nation that the backward inbred place called PA elected their most-challenged ones to the Senate and the Governorship.


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