Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Taste For Absinthe - 6 New Cocktails to Try at Home

There are links, photos, and recipes at the link below. A buddy at the liquor store pointed this out to me, so I thought I'd share...
After a century-long ban in the U.S., the federal government gave absinthe a semi-green light in 2007, and the anise-flavored liquor is making its way into cocktails from some of the most talented mixologists around the country. Many of these magical concoctions can be found in the new book, A Taste For Absinthe, from R. Winston Guthrie, the man behind AbsintheBuyersGuide.com. In addition to 65 cocktail recipes making use of the myriad absinthes now available to us, A Taste For Absinthe also features a comprehensive buyer's guide for absinthe purchasing, insight from leading cocktail experts, and magnificent photographs from Liza Gershman.

The publishers of A Taste for Absinthe were kind enough to share six complete cocktail recipes from the book, with Gershman's corresponding photographs. From new takes on classic absinthe uses like the Sazerac and the Death in the Afternoon to wholly original creations like The Hobnob and the L'arc de Triomphe, flip through the cocktails and their recipes at the link below.
A Taste for Absinthe

Just in time for the holidays! Enjoy.

An interesting day.  More later.


  1. I never knew why absinthe was banned. A history please? I hope your jaw is getting better. At least it doesn't affect your drinking. That's what they make straws for.

  2. It affects my intake of solid foods that require chewing, like olives, and this is no laughing matter, even if I could open my mouth to laugh.

  3. As for the history of Absinthe, either Google or go to Wikipedia. It's a fascinating tale of deceit and politics.

  4. I heard it'll knock you on your ass. Never have tried it...I'm a light weight...give me a couple glasses of wine and I'm done.


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