Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, That's That. Electrically, Anyway.

Everything that was scheduled or on the to-do list for these 2 days off was taken care of or scratched off. Purchased OTC cold medicine, and a bottle of Gin.  Wonder which will have the most desired effect on the cold... Even got in a little cooking, as well.

Most important (and most costly for me) was having an electrician bring the old wiring (circa 1950) up to today's code and replace all old outlets - many of which could no longer hold a plug snugly - with new 3 prong, grounded ones. This was time-consuming and tedious work.  It also involved the installation of another GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet in the living room that will protect the rest of the apartment from overload. The other GFI outlet is in the bathroom and protects that room and the kitchen appliances, etc.

It was a daunting 3-hour ordeal which will probably cost me a small fortune, but it had to be done for safety sake and my peace of mind. The technician was the great-grandson of the founder of the business and knew his stuff about wiring in old buildings.  I can only imagine how long it would have taken an inexperienced technician to accomplish the varied tasks in the process. No good fretting about what it will cost.  It is what it is.

It was a learning experience to be sure, because I learned that the walls were wood-lath and plaster.  This means that most anything heavy to be hung on the walls must be done by a professional so that I don't drive a nail and have half a wall crash to the floor.  This also means the bedroom mirror will remain in its upright position on the floor in the corner, rather than hanging behind the dresser.  Sigh!

To be financially set-back a few more months is no big deal, anymore. I'm used to it by now. Spinning wheels in place has become the norm, rather than exception.  For now, I live to work, not the other way round.

More later.


  1. You have a job that you love and work with wonderful people. That is what is important. You're richer than a lot of people. Money doesn't buy happiness (I've heard that said.)

  2. Can't your landlord pay for the electrical wiring? [S]He's cashing in on it when you move, not that you had plans of moving.

  3. Peter, the landlord rented to me at a reduced rate and allowed me access for 3 weeks prior to the lease date, so I could close the storage unit and get a jump on the move, which already ran close to the beginning of the season weekend.

    He has been most generous and I don't dare challenge him on this. Besides, I'll probably die in this apartment so I may as well make it as comfortable - and safe - as possible.

  4. I too was wondering why the landlord was not caring for this expense. I understand your reasoning, but in another world this should be a cost borne by the landlord.
    But beyond all that, my thought is that this cost is worth the peace of mind at removing at least one of the major hazards in an older building.
    We we first saw our new home 3+ years ago I was pleased that it had three-pronged ("grounded") outlets. That was until we had home inspection and determined that the last owners had replaced all the outlets with 3-pronged fixtures but never properly grounded them! The short story is we also decided to bite that bullet ourselves. After we moved in we had an electrician properly install and properly ground all the outlets (along with some other work).

  5. Good idea to have those changed. The last thing you need is an electrical fire.

    As a list maker I'm assuming you're terribly organized. I've gotten a bit lax in doing that and need to get back in the habit.

  6. I've been told to check my 'tenant's rights' document to see if I can challenge the landlord on this one. I am not one to rock the boat, or bite a generous hand, but my boss has made a few good points, as have you all (bless you) so I'll check the legalese and go from there.

    @Hayward: if I didn't make itemized lists I would be a mess by day's end. I even map out a route to get all accomplished in the least amount of time, using minimal effort, and fuel.

    I am becoming so green I look like Kermit's grandfather!!

  7. I am becoming so green I look like Kermit's grandfather!!

    Green around the gills means too many martini's! ;)

  8. @Peter: Do you think that is really possible? Then perhaps, I'll switch to Manhattans since the colder weather is upon us.



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