Monday, May 28, 2012

Homecoming: Spo Shirt Ends World Tour

This shirt has been on an amazing adventure since the fall of 2010; visiting bloggers and raising money for various charities.  It has finally found its way home to its rightful owner, Cubby over at Patently Queer, who had the idea in the first place and  Dr. Spo (the dear) jumped at it. Yes, that's me - with beard - in the famous shirt before sending it on.

I received the shirt and journal on 12/26/10 and a disastrous snowstorm brought everything around here to a halt for the following 3 days, meaning the shirt/journal couldn't get off to the next destination until January 3, 2011 when the post office re-opened.

I am grateful to have been included in this adventure. Ur-spo's post on the end of an epic tale.

Here's a teaser:
 The Shirt of Shirts went out on 9/9/2010; it finished it travels on 5/26/12 – 1.5 years later!  Who knew?  It visited 37 people (and a few dogs). It raised $370 for The Humane Society, Test Positive of Chicago, Doctors without Borders, and The Prostate Foundation.
While Cubby has the shirt, Dr. Spo will keep the journal written by those the shirt visited which includes their reflections on anything and everything.  Pure joy all round. 

And so it goes.


  1. I thank you again, for being part of this! OOXX

    1. I wasn't yet a blogger at the time but did have a stint with the shirt of shirts in May of 2011. Was so happy to be a part of it all.


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