Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LAN & WiFi. Who, Me?

What?  Yes, really.  What?

I will soon find out since I just ordered a wireless router this afternoon (to be delivered in a day or 2) and will attempt, before your very eyes (maybe not) to install and create my very own local network. LAN stands for Local Area Network.  Am I smart, or what? I will need it to use the Kindle and, if I can ever afford one, a laptop.

I was going to purchase the router locally, but the local salesfolks  (ahem!) seemed clueless about specific details. That's why I went online and glad I did.  The router being pushed by local stores, a D-Link had few, and pretty bad reviews (I don't like complications) so I found a Netgear (well known from my previous life) that had over 900 reviews; over 800 were happy customers and the cost was $30. less, with free shipping.  What could I lose?  Don't tell me, I know...$50.00!  That I don't have right now.

And I wonder if my DSL connection will be fast enough to handle a network.  I'll find out soon enough.

A friend was supposed to do the deed, but with the season upon us, we are being pressed into service and our scheduled days off are not compatible.  He told me what I needed and what had to be done,  and if I cannot finish the install myself, (or you smell smoke!) I will give him a key and he promised to fix whatever I may f**kup.

Now I can focus on the Kindle model I want and order it by the end of May. The charge won't appear on the credit card statement until the June billing date, so I ought to be home free on that one.

I am very excited about all of this - setting up the network, exploring the wonders of the Kindle - stretching my knowledge of scary technology that I have been unable to afford and thereby not interested in understanding it's advantages.  Why bother to learn about a technology if you can't afford to use and enjoy it?

We are creatures of repetition and the more we use a technology the more we learn from it and can move forward to the next new change. I am so far behind right now.

When there is some new thing to be learned, I love change!

And so it goes.


  1. Which type of Kindle are you going for? the 3G or the Fire? [Flame as Elizabeth would say]

  2. @Peter: the FIRE, and I love it! The story is a twisted one, perpetrated by friends/co-workers and I fell for it. It was all a set-up. Signed, sealed, and just waiting for delivery. The sneaks!


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