Friday, May 4, 2012

Non-Stop Week & Cinco de Mayo

There's not been much time for a personal post lately, mostly due to that annoying thing called "work" which seems to get in the way of life in general, (not that I have one) blogging in particular. I've gotten to read a few faves, but haven't gotten my fix of all.

Aside from proof-reading lunch, take-out, and full menu changes for days and days (seems like months!) the restaurant has been gearing up for Cinco de Mayo - as well as the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the kick off of the Summer here, and around the country.

All the menu changes have been corrected, edited, and hit the tables this week. The Cinco de Mayo preparations have taken up the past 3 days - decorations, drink and food specials, extra staffing, etc. - and it all came together today. Thanks to the gods, goddesses, and all shiny things throughout the universe.

Though there were calls for reservations for today and tomorrow (yes, our celebration starts today!) all week, the steady flow became a flood this afternoon.  The end result is the restaurant is totally booked for the weekend - yes, even lunch - and I was forced to cope with a few very nasty callers who were outraged (outraged, I tell you!) because there is no room at the inn.  Not until Sunday, which was not acceptable.  Pity.  Wait til the last minute, why don'tcha!

Oh, I almost forgot, we begin serving weekend brunch tomorrow morning at 9 am.  The final menu was approved today. It's a lovely brunch and I hope everyone enjoys it.  However...This means I have to be on site by 7:30 am both days.  Yes, I am an early-to-rise person, but this means an extra 2.5 hours on my feet each day, and with my back issues, well, we'll see how it plays out.

When I finally came up for air it was a half hour past my shift time and I had a splitting headache (reading tiny print and listening to screaming, irate people can do that to you) so I slipped out quietly without an AS cocktail and took the quiet walk home.  Both apartments (in front and behind) are empty this evening, and that means all is quiet on this side of the building. Only the sound of birds in trees nearby intrude on the quiet. Heaven.

Supper is in the oven and a cocktail awaits.  Cheers!

And so it goes.

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