Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shop Local

This message should be taken to heart and cheap Chinese s**t and big box stores ought to be ignored. It really costs us much more in the long run. Think about it. This small resort town depends on locals and tourists to keep the whole thing thriving and humming nicely.  I know these people and all they do to keep this community thriving and moving forward. 

Malls and Outlet Stores can't begin to offer what local merchants can.   Yes, Think about supporting local businesses. It could save your town as it has mine.

And so it goes.


  1. Amen!

    Unfortunately, after more than 20 years of preaching the same credo, I realise that people don't care! *sigh*

    Wishing you a happy summer!

  2. I preach it everyday and its funny to see friends and family's eyes roll when I start. The qoute is from an article I wrote originally in 2008 about a friends flower shop that was in the Journal Constitution and FSN.

  3. @Jon: I know it's a struggle, but I feel better for doing it, and that's what counts. Happy Summer to you, too.

    @Roger: I hope it is gratifying to see that your quote has had a long life and is now immortalized on the Web. Thanks for writing it.

    And thanks guys, for the visit.

  4. I am a very big believer in buying local, and eating locl too. The later is often as disappointment, but once in awhile there is a 'gem' of fun dining and experience that can not be found in a chain restaurant.


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