Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tourist Tsunami on The Horizon

This is it.

Personally:  Spent most of the day off yesterday, tying up loose ends and praying that I didn't forget anything important. Fueled the car and parked it, stockpiled supplies that will be hard to find soon, washed, ironed, and prepped all summer shirts for the surge, er, month of June. Stopped at the liquor store for Bombay Sapphire and a few bottles of wine. Thought about buying beer, but the weather isn't warm enough and 3 bottles remain from last year.

At work: The new menus and Happy Hour Specials are ready to go; new cocktail concoctions have been approved and included on the Cocktail Menus. (Please don't ask. Many of these abominations can cause one to throw up a little in their mouth - just sayin') There are 2 new daily special menus (yes, the locos like to offer lots of choices) for Lunch and an Early Bird 'Dinner for Two' option.

The boss-loco took me on a dry run-through in the event that the Health Department makes an appearance.  This will be my responsibility if it happens.  But, since the restaurant is diligent about cleanliness, preparing and serving food in safe conditions, I hope the inspector will cut this novice some slack, since I have never had to accompany one on a tour.  My Serv-Safe certification may help a bit, but I am not sure what this 'tour' entails. I will find out in the near future.

One nice bonus is that I was able to make a pasta sauce yesterday, the 10-hour recipe, a small part of which will be consumed tonight with turkey-spinach-provolone sausage, Italian bread, and wine.  Nice!

And so it goes.


  1. I hope that you have had a nice hibernation. It's all about to start.

  2. My parents are "over the bridge" as they say today to stock up on non perishables at Cherry Point Naval Air Station before the official start of the season tomorrow! Their last stop will be at their favorite seafood shack before it becomes overrun with tourists for dinner.

  3. have you posted this recipe? I am always keen to know pasta sauce recipes.

  4. @Ur-spo: If you would like the recipe, I will happily send it to you. Unless asked, I leave the posting of recipes to friend, Peter. Let me know.


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