Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post Cinco de Mayo, Aches - Pains, & 2 Olives.

Woke this morning at regular time feeling rested - until I tried to move - then the old body screamed in pain.  It was only then I realized that I woke in the same position as I fell asleep. Everywhere hurt.  Everything hurt (no, not there!) Back, legs, hands rebelled when I tried getting out of bed. Finally made it to an up-right position. 

Gathered up my nerve and made a path to the shower. I felt like a hunchback walking those few feet from one room to the other.  It seemed to take forever as I climbed into the bath and turned on the water; when it reached proper temperature I simply stood under the spray and soaked.  Eventually, everything seemed to loosen up and I felt better as I brushed teeth and even better than that as I enjoyed not one, but two coffees.

Hobbled to work and prepared for another brunch, same as yesterday but it was NOT Cinco de Mayo (praising whatever G*ds you care to invoke) and as we were busy for both brunch and lunch - again, nothing like yesterday - eventually all the kinks and soreness left me.

A 24 year-old server complained about being tired after serving almost 1600 dinners last night and when I chastised her in a fun way, she put hands on hips and said, "well, with all the extra money you're making, that Kindle will be on your doorstep in no time." And we all laughed.  She's probably right.  Maybe by mid-June, and that isn't far away. Birthday isn't until July, so there's lots of time.

Note:  Almost everyone on staff now owns a Kindle and use it for school, language, entertainment. News travels fast among the Latinos and Europeans here and they are quick to jump on something new. I love them for that.

 Walked home tonight feeling better, no aches and pains detected. I hope that remains the case when I wake in the morning.

Sipping on a couple of well-deserved olives as I get supper cooked.  It's going to be another early night, but at least I don't have to be at the restaurant until 10 am.  Yay, for me!!!

(Oh, there is laundry to be done...(sigh!)

And so it goes...eventually.

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