Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers, Kindle, and Visit to a Surgeon.

Having survived Mothers Day - a very busy one in which we catered to all kinds of 'mothers' - with a small special menu and a complimentary glass of house wine. Their choice, white, red, or pink; our house wines are usually from small companies and tend to be quite good to the average palate.  Needless to say, that alone, was a big hit.

I love the Kindle Fire, after supper and a shower, crawled under the covers and read before sleep.  Nice feeling, truly. Pretty much the same scenario on Monday after work. But I practiced downloading a few apps (?) including Pandora Radio (I've been a fan since their early days), setup email access and Facebook, as well.

Friend Peter, (Amsterdam) @ Tippin' the Scales, transferred some books to me and I spent a considerable amount of time learning how to download and save them. 

All this excitement kept me awake beyond my bedtime (yes, again) and with only one day off, my list was very long for Tuesday. And so what happened?  Thunderstorms!!! The wild and blustery kind where an umbrella or even raincoat couldn't protect anyone from the waist down.

Among items on the list was an appt. with the surgeon regarding the hernia surgery - whether it was in my immediate future or if it could wait til Fall.  It can wait til Fall, providing I do no lifting, straining or crunch exercises in the meantime. The doctor has a sharp wit, great personality, beautiful eyes, large hands, and an accent I can't place, just now. It's subtle, but there.

(An aside here: when the surgeon's nurse took my vitals, blood pressure was an astonishing 118 over 72.  This has been unheard-of for the past 25 years.  I made her take it again. During our interview, the surgeon asked why I was taking high BP meds at all.  Hmmm!)

Ran all other errands and returned home as the rain was ending.  Well, of course it was! All packages, grocery bags, and self were soaking wet; a cue for the sun to make an appearance.  Ta-de-fuckin-da!

After all was put away or otherwise secured, I thought about the BP reading.  At my first appt with the new PCP the BP was 157 over 93 and he asked about my diet.  I chalked up the spike in BP to the stress of meeting a new doctor, but he asked if I ate nuts (not salted or coated) and did I like Oatmeal (cooked, not instant.) and suggested that I include a breakfast of oatmeal twice weekly, and that I consume just a hand-full of walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc, every other day. I have included these changes to my diet and I hope the new BP numbers are because of those changes.  I would love nothing more than to scratch one more drug from my list of dailies.

Slept well and dreamed happy dreams last night.  Work today was a breeze and a real gift in many ways that are difficult to describe.  Probably because of the new things and that light at the end of the tunnel gets ever brighter as the days pass. May that continue to be so.

And so it goes.

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  1. adding the Niacin at bedtime will also lower the numbers considerably.


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