Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grinches Steal Holiday Lights for Second Year

This is Gene Harris smiling at you with wire cutters and clipped wires in his hands. Gene is the Bar Manager at the restaurant and Tony is his other half.  They have been doing a light display for years, but the last 2 have been anything but festive.  From the local newspaper:
Tony Citrano has an idea who may have been behind a Christmas prank that ruined a section of his holiday lights.
After realizing someone cut the wires of a row of Christmas lights that outlines the property and left with a row of plastic peppermints that light up the driveway, all that Citrano and his partner, Gene Harris, found was a path of smashed bulbs, a woman's glove and a new pair of wire cutters running between two homes across the street.
The same thing happened last Christmas, too.
"Last year, they stole a bunch of items, but the items turned up in a shopping cart at Giant," said Citrano.
Citrano and Harris have lived in Stable Farms for four years and said they enjoy putting up a light display every year, especially for the neighborhood children. Citrano said he couldn't believe that someone would damage his display for a second year in a row.
"It's really sad with everything that's going on," he said. "It's disheartening that kids are doing this during Christmas."
Delaware State Police did not have further information on the vandalism. Citrano said vandals targeted one other neighbor in a neighborhood full of decorated homes, leading him to believe the perpetrators are connected to a nearby summer home. Citrano said he and his neighbor have complained about loud parties at the summer home in the past; the damage appears to be retribution for the complaints.
"I even tried leaving the lights on all night thinking that would deter them," Citrano said. "Things were busted up despite that."
Citrano was prepared this time, though. He installed new peppermint lights replacing the ones stolen along the driveway and quickly filled the gap of lights left empty along the roadway.
"I hope these last this time," he said.
And so it goes.

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