Monday, January 21, 2013

Short Conversation on the Inauguration

One of the big screens at the restaurant was tuned to coverage of Obama Part 2, while the others carried, well, sports mostly - pundits handicapping the Super Bowl...I know, who cares, right? The sound on all screens was mute, in any case.

In strolls a diminutive woman with her grown son and she wanted a specific hi-top table in the bar area so she could order from the happy hour menu.  To her disgust, the nearest TV was the one tuned into the inauguration.  She made a face and demanded the channel be changed.  Unfortunately for her, the couple sitting next to her 'special table' was happily watching the proceedings and, in so many words, told her to fuck off. Another table in the room was offered, but she adamantly refused.

In a last ditch effort to garner support, she turned to me with big, wide eyes said, "look, I am a Republican and I cannot watch this trash."  TRASH!?!

Jaws dropped all around as diners stared at this woman. I stepped up to the table and as I set down the menus said, "I thought perhaps, on this one day, we might all be Americans and enjoy the moment." I felt like saying more, but the neighboring couple piped up and said, "we're Republicans, too, but we lost fair-n-square and we need to get behind the president to get the country back on track."  Old fashioned, rational Republicans, no doubt.

As the bitch, er' woman (nose wrinkled as at a bad smell) was taking her seat, her son (who was embarrassed by the whole scene) said, "just shut up Mom, it's not about you."  He ordered a margarita, she ordered coffee.  I made sure to comp their drinks and wouldn't you know, as she was leaving had the nerve to say, "if I had known you were buying, I would have had a margarita, too."  Charming.   Spoken like a true right-wing asshat.  Talk about welfare queens!  I just smiled - at her son. He gave me a knowing look that said, yeah, I know, but she's my mother.

Note:  The difference in price between a coffee and a margarita is $3.

We all have our cross to bear.

And so it goes.


  1. what a cunt! she needed that verbal smack-down by the other guests!

  2. Perhaps someday I'll understand where this hatred of the "it's in the Constitution" Republicans comes from. It really doesn't matter to me because this brand of Republicanism is rapidly disappearing which is just fine with me. At least most of their children recognize that his is a country of diverse people; white, black, straight gay, Hispanic, Asian and just plain ignorant people who are confused about equality coming to ALL the citizens of this country. Let them stew in their hatred, they are disappearing. You handled this touchy situation as well as could be expected. Sort of reminds me of the couple who I was showing around the hotel this past summer. They told me "We prefer to stay in a nice place like Lewes instead of Rehoboth Beach which has so many gays. We don't want to stay THERE." Little did they realize that a gay man was showing them around a hotel owned by two gay men. No, I didn't go there.

  3. I didnt think Delaware had those right wing tea baggers.... lol

  4. @Roger: A few miles west of the beach is as redneck/teabagger as you can find anywhere. Why last election cycle we even had a Lyndon Larouche contingent picketing the post office. I know. Don't ask.
    Thanks for the visit.


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