Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year and a Holiday Surprise

Absolutely exhausted! My last 7-day work week of 2012 is over.  I am off today; returning to the restaurant tomorrow to train on a  reservations platform.  More on that after the training happens.

Christmas falling on a Tuesday threw the celebrations of some out of whack, but not ours. The restaurant was busy throughout Christmas-New Year's week.  Big family parties dined at lunch and dinner and even the foul weather on Dec. 26th and 29th didn't keep folks away. We served near record numbers up to New Year's Eve. Snow storms remained north and west of us and most were grateful to be here rather than at home where the snow was causing power outages and highway accidents.

We served a record number of customers on NYE - both lunch and dinner - and almost broke the record for New Year's Day.  Almost, but not quite. Still, it seems that everyone enjoyed a "quiet, peaceful, and happy holiday" and that's as it should be.

Oh, the Surprise...

For some reason, my name (or a good description) appeared in a number of restaurant reviews on such sites as TripAdvisor (sp?), YELP!, and others that I  know nothing about, so I was recipient of a Gift Certificate for dinner-for-two at Outback. (Don't ask!) There is one just outside of town where my (delayed) birthday celebration was held last summer.  One problem though, everyone I know works in the business and usually scheduled on the days I'm off.  Anyway, the gift is good through March 31st. so I am sure to come up with a dining companion before then.  Then again, maybe not.  We'll see.

So another year begins. Let me just mention that should the last of the 4 contradicting, conflicting letters received from the SSA (Social Security Administration) be accurate, I ought to begin receiving monthly payments at the end of January.  Something to look forward to, yes, but I'm not holding my breath.  It's not worth the stress or bother.  No one at the SSA seems to know what they're doing.

It doesn't matter since I'll have to work until I die, anyway.  Glad, for now, I have the energy. Glad I like my job.

And so it goes.


  1. OMB, honey, you deserve a week to put your feet up and not do a damn thing but shake the martinis!

    happy 2013; can't wait to meet you in march!

  2. Congratulations Wayne, it couldn't happen to a better person. [No, I didn't wrote those reviews]

  3. Business is good which doesn't surprise me. You're good, which also doesn't surprise me. And no snow, it just doesn't get much better. Today was lovely.

    Happy New Year!

    By the way, invite Anne Marie of Philly to go to dinner with you at the Outback. She'll be in town on March 22nd and 23rd. She's staying at my hotel. The 22nd should be a good time for both of you. I just know the two of you will adore each other!


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