Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Observations of a Few Stupid Things

(In my best Andy Rooney voice) "Didja ever notice..."

Automatic DIY check-out lanes at the supermarket.  Wasting time looking up produce code numbers is bad enough, but items with no code, as well as cents-off coupons, require an override by a CASHIER!  And this is progress?

No more quart or half-gallon containers for items like mayonaise (now 30oz), ice cream (48 oz.), but the prices are the same or higher. A 5 pound bag of sugar now weighs 4, and costs more.  Paper products continue to shrink, as well.

Cable & phone companies and banks offer special deals to NEW customers while sticking their current ones with higher fees and lower interest rates on savings. Shouldn't loyal customers be rewarded?  Guess not.

Cell service providers offer a FREE phone with a two-year contract,  meaning that over those 24 months you'll probably have paid for the phone three-times over.  You're locked into a contract, but the carrier isn't.  That new phone without a contract would cost you up front, but save you big bucks in the end.  There ain't no free lunch, folks. 

Robo-calls from companies trying to sell something.  A recorded message that's supposed to give you a boner at the chance to do business with them. Who was the genius behind this one? If your company wants my business, you had better have a living, breathing, knowledgeable person call before I'll take you seriously.

Collection agencies do the same thing and expect you to return their call to prove you are not the person they're looking for.  WTF? Fat chance, that.

Fat-ass southern GOP congress-critters vote against an aid package for victims of hurricane Sandy, after pleading for aid for their red-neck, gambling frenzied states following Katrina. There is a special circle in Hell for creeps like these. 

I wonder.  Do these entities believe we're that dumb and don't notice what they're trying (and, in some cases, succeeding) to pull? Do we have such short memories? Or, is it that we don't care and just follow along like lemmings into the sea?

Oh, and I just bit the tip of my tongue and it won't stop bleeding.  Damn!  Stupid things, really!!!

Rant over.

And so it goes.


  1. I used an auto-checkout lane one time at the grocery store; slow as fucking molasses; I will never use another one!

    besides, I like my grocery store's cashiers; they have been there forever and they know you!

    shrinkage (and not in a good way) - sugar, laundry soap, coffee, etc. I shop at aldi - best fucking prices for this area!

    robocalls can talk to my answering machine.

    and yeah, most people ARE dumb lemmings (think tea party joiners and redumblicans and religious wingnuts). there are so few of us intelligent, free thinking beings!

    smooches, hon! :)

  2. Oh don't get me started. How about those people who get in the express line with a full shopping cart? Or the lady who takes forever, fumbling through her pocket book for her checkbook to WRITE A CHECK for her four items and then takes FOREVER putting the checkbook back. GET A DEBIT CARD! How about those containers that have a big indentation in the bottom so you get less in your container? Or, and this is the most annoying, the people who call you at work then hang up. I get at least two a night at the hotel.

  3. does anyone listen to robo-calls?


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