Monday, February 17, 2014

Cleanup, Connections, and Crazy Rednecks

Spent some time today cleaning up the old place a bit.  Needed a little fluffing up, you might say. Let me know what you think, or if it makes a difference in your viewing experience at all.
  • Enlarged the font size and changed the default. 
  • Added a little more colour to various sections.  
  • Updated the blogroll.
More to come when I figure out how to make those changes in the new Blogger. 

There were two new email messages from DL customers waiting for me today.  One sent a link to his new photo exhibit from his recent trip to New Orleans.  All in large format Black and White and all captured the city well. I replied telling him so, and sent links to NOLA music, food, and festival sites.It was the first visit for him and his wife and they fell in love.  Well, or course they did.!!

The other wasn't so uplifting.  Seems he was in a serious accident (thanks to a recent Snowstorm and asshole drivers) and following 5 days in hospital, will be recuperating at home for the next 4 weeks. Jeez!  And he writes to find out how I AM DOING!!  I wrote back with the latest, keeping it as positive as I could and telling him if he wants to chat, just give me a call.  I'm here pretty much all the time, anyway

I made it through the full moon without harming, or killing my neighbors.  The ones with the Duck Dynasty Welcome Mat on their porch, dontcha know. Seems they have a short memory about what is, and what is NOT recyclable in the state.  

They eat pizza. No, I mean THEY EAT PIZZA! Usually 2 or 3 large pies about 3 times weekly.  (She must be good in bed, 'cause she ain't much in the kitchen.) And, they insist on putting the empty boxes in the recycle bins.  They've been called on this in the past - many times - but it never seems to sink in.

The building manager called them on the carpet again, took out all the boxes, placed them at the foot of the stairs, and knocked on the door.  A loud argument ensued.  The male redneck stormed down the stairs, kicked and stomped the boxes all over the grounds as the female redneck sweetly asked him, "oh honey, come on now, stop."  You could tell her heart wasn't in it, though.  

The building manager even offered them a large heavy duty trash bag, in case they had never seen one before, but that only made him more crazed. So she finally left him to his own devices, screaming and stomping and carrying on.  He kicked his car, truck, and the building, too.

Having had enough, I put on a Disco CD and cranked up the volume - something I never do when anyone is in the building - and just let it rip as I prepared supper.  After that, all was quiet on the western front and the world was at peace once again.

When I went outdoors in the morning all pizza boxes were flat, stacked against one another and sitting by their regular trash can behind their stairs.  So, what was accomplished?  How long will this last?  Dunno, and me no care. 

It must be frustrating believing that you're the only important person in the world; that doing the right thing is for those OTHER people.  Yeah, well.

And so it goes.


  1. nice fluffing, dear. I like the multi-color lion at the top. and the redneck needs to STFU.

    1. Rednecks never shut up. Sigh! It is what it is.

  2. Nothing's new under the sun!

    Love the new look and new font.

    1. Thanks Jon, and thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you.

  3. I like your "she must be good in bed" remark. There's so much good junk food to find next to pizza. ;-)

    At last your humor hasn't gone down the drain.

    1. Peter, If it ever does, just shoot me - life isn't worth living without it.

  4. pizza diets are not good for mood or body. unless they have anchovies.

    1. Good one. Do you know how difficult it is to get anchovies toppings around here???


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