Friday, February 28, 2014

Lunch Date with Lobster Reuben

Yesterday's Labs showed the need for another transfusion - damn! - and so I was free to enjoy the lunch date with friend Deb. The Oyster House changed their winter hours and opened at noon, which was fine because we were to meet there at 12:15 pm, anyway. 

We were the first customers through the doors, and welcomed by Chris (owner) himself as we took some time to chat about the business, or lack thereof, this winter. Chris and his kitchen crew, like Dos Locos and their Staff, are the reason for the continued success of the restaurant. When you order a favorite from the menu you can be sure it will be just as good as the last time. 

A monster Lobster Reuben Sandwich = lobster chunks, slaw, thousand island dressing, gruyere on grilled thick rye texas toast was recommended by my dining partner, owner Chris, and server.  Taking the advice of the majority, I ordered the thing.  I always like to try new things, especially when they're quirky and contain uncommon ingredients.  Yes, I mean, "lobster reuben sandwich"?  Besides, I've never had a bad meal here.

Chris brought wine, excused himself to get back to the kitchen to prep for dinner, as the restaurant began filling up with people I know, Deb knew, or we both know from around town.  Yes, it's a small town.  This outing was another one of those wonderful gifts - being out and about in a social setting. Nothing in the world like that warm feeling.

When the order arrived I was so glad I hadn't also ordered the Oysters Rockefeller.  There would have been way too much food and we'd never have walked (unassisted) out of the place. As we chowed down I could see Chris and our server, Eric watching for my reaction. They all laughed as all I could mutter was "oooh my g*d" as the juices and cheese ran down my chin or exploded in my mouth.

I was in multi-sensory heaven. O.M.G. that was the biggest, richest, and most satisfying Reuben I've ever tasted.  Rich, but not heavy it made my mouth happy, and my tummy thought it had died and gone to culinary heaven. 

Side note: The Lobster Reuben is only served at lunch and only in the off-season. The sandwich is prep-heavy and requires constant attention by the chef. This ain't no fast-food deli, luncheon sandwich.  Trust me.

After our leisurely meal, we sat and talked about everything and nothing. Deb has been covering a few of my shifts at DL, so she picked my brain about getting specific things done before staff arrives, as well as dealing with certain high maintenance customers;  good customers, but high maintenance, none the less. 

Seems she also had a telephone conversation with the folks at the DE Eye Institute (the people who treated me rudely a while back) and told them she was taking her business, her family and friends elsewhere. The representative at the Institute tried to tell her that I must have been mistaken, or lying.  That's not something to say to Debbie, not about her friends, or her family. 

She was even more pissed after ending the call and wrote a letter to her eye doctor (the one she suggested I see) telling him of her decision, going into great detail, and suggested he might want to look into what's happening at the front reception area.  After all, it's his bread & butter, too.

I had 2 new prescriptions to fill and she had to get ready for work at DL last night, so we shared a hug and went our separate ways. 

Needless to say, there was no room for even a light supper last night, but all was right in my little corner of the world.

Woke very short of breath, probably the reason I'm to receive double transfusions today, so it will be a long session at the center. I'll stop for the new scripts on the way home this evening, if I feel up to it.  If not, I'll feel better tomorrow.  I hope. 

(This should have posted this morning, but somehow Blogger screwed up.  Sorry, if the timing throws anyone off.)

And so it goes.


  1. Really great to hear that you were surrounded by wonderful people on your trip to "culinary heaven." Your description of this masterpiece makes me want to drive to Delaware and share your experience.

  2. Given the impressive reputation the place has, I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying out new things they have on the menu. I wish you posted a photo of that scrumptious lobster sandwich you had. The way you described it had my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing your adventure into this “culinary heaven”! Cheers!

    Chris Carpenter @ Domenico’s On the Wharf


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