Thursday, February 13, 2014

PAX, Prejudice, and Possibilities

Well, PAX turned out to be a dud here.  It fizzled
when the sleet and freezing rain turned to all rain at about 2 am, as the temperature shot up to 42'F! How do I know this? I was awake and reading when I noticed the change in sound. (Why I was awake and reading at that hour is a story for another post.)

Though we're not out of the woods yet (if forecasters are to be believed and I think they are not) snow remains in the forecast overnight tonight - possibly dumping about 3" by morning.

In any case, with temps rising into the 40s again tomorrow, looks like we dodged another one at the beach.  It's only a matter of time, I know…  We'll probably get a one-two punch around Easter just to piss everyone off. Mother Nature is like that, you know.

As I made it to the center for Lab work and the doctor consult this afternoon the rain gradually stopped completely, but the winds kicked up to about 25 mph making it feel colder than that 42'F. 
Lab. Results:
The bad news - the hemoglobin very low, so another transfusion is scheduled for tomorrow.
The good news - the neutrofil count is back in the normal range - around 1300 - so I can remove the mask for a while, at least.  
That in itself, is a psychological triumph for me.  Of course, things change from week to week, so I have to be made aware of any dips in those total numbers as labs are done every week.

During our meeting the doctor displayed appropriate fake outrage at the actions of the honchos at Hopkins and UPenn.  It was thoughtful, but we both knew he was well aware of this sort of thing happening iall the time.  I didn't call him on it.  I mean...What would be the point?

Instead, realizing that he was saddled with me - for better or worse - we discussed treatment options that can be administered locally. We hashed out a number of options and will finalize the strategy tomorrow while I'm receiving the transfusion. 

One treatment begins with a steroid and dissolves into a mild Chemo over 4 to 6 weeks. Each treatment option has it's potential problems and vile side effects, but I am wasting away alone in the apartment anyway, so why not give it a go. Both options will knock me out of commission for at least 4 weeks, but considering the past 5 months, that's not much more of a loss. Especially if the results are favorable.

All in all, a day's events mostly in the plus column. No use of the mask for now, and the promise of some sort of treatment to begin soon.  Maybe even as soon as tomorrow afternoon.  

Today gave me something positive to hold on to; to get me through another day. My hope is that the stars continue to align in my favor and tomorrow's meetings will result in a promising new beginning.  

It's now 5:30 pm.  The rain has begun again, coming down in buckets. It's time to decide what to prepare for supper and then settle in for the night.

And so it goes.



  1. remember, only 1 month til we see your sweet face at the blogger meetup! PLEASE say you will join us!

    we received 12 inches (of snow) up here. it blows goats. we DID have another snow day off work.


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