Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Surprises & New Eyeglasses on the Way.

Having spent way too much time in bed since Saturday afternoon, I really had to get the old body moving Sunday. Carefully planned course of action was set into place before my head left the pillow. 

Bathroom - the usual morning routine followed by a hot shower and complete shaving regime.
Kitchen - full breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, and V-8 juice. 
Bedroom - sort laundry, whites, colors, perma-press, etc.

I had to take things a lot slower. Shortness of breath was my only nemesis. Everything else was fine.  Clear headed, no balance problems made a world of difference to the day. I can only attribute this to the steroid kicking in and that's fine with me. Good to have a break from the others for a change.

Then in mid-afternoon Peter called from Amsterdam via Face Time and I was thrilled. It was my first attempt at using this new-fangled communication technology to talk across the pond, but all went well. It's far better than trying to use Skype cross platform. It was late evening in Amsterdam and he had a busy day lined up for Monday, but we still talked for almost a half hour. And it was FREE!  He looked and sounded great and it was so generous of him to call.

If I had known he was going to call, I would have had the iPad ready and waiting, but the whole conversation went on between my iPod and his iPad. And it was OK - better than one would expect.  Sound and picture were clear as when I've chatted with others here in the states.  Seeing him live and hearing his voice made for a happy day.  Nothing like talking with a friend to lift your spirits and this one did just that. 

Unfortunately, he's had to cancel his holiday plans to the states this year, so I'll miss seeing him in person. Just too much on his plate and, you know, life gets in the way sometimes. 

Monday morning, following a trip to the hospital to pick up test results, I again made a brief stop at an eye care center in town.  No, I wouldn't give up!  Their website boasted "walk-ins welcome" so I checked it out.  So glad I did. 

After the usual paperwork I was whisked off for a complete and thorough eye exam.  Even though it was a busy Monday, they squeezed me in somehow, and for that I am grateful. Doctor Rios (Peruvian, that's him in the image) took extra care, asked a lot of questions about the status of my medical treatment. He was convinced that I'd be fine and seemed happy for the new patient.

The entire staff and about half of the patients were latinos, probably Peruvian. Kind staff and beautiful people.  Their kids were adorable, but I was told to keep the mask on by the technicians, just in case. That made me chuckle.  They didn't even know me yet they were concerned for me. Nice.  This was turning into a very pleasant day, after all. 

I had a new prescription in hand in less than 2 hours.  Driving home was tricky due to the dilated pupils, but they supplied dark lens covers to protect my eyes, and I took it real slow all the way home. Made a quick stop at the PO to mail the tax documents to Natalie, beforehand.  She ought to have everything before the weekend.  

When I arrived at home I wanted to order new glasses right away but was afraid I'd input the wrong data from the prescription so I had to wait until much later when the pupils contracted again and I could see more clearly. After waiting so long, a few more hours wouldn't make much difference.

Meanwhile, I received a text from Linda at the restaurant asking how things were.  So I thought I'd surprise everyone… I put the dark lenses back on and drove over the see the gang.  Of course,  when I arrived at the restaurant everyone was concerned about my weight loss so they tried to ply me with food, but I finally settled on having a drink with everyone when  the shifts changed at 4 pm. 

We laughed, caught up on life in and out of the restaurant, looked at photos and videos of their kids, and then laughed some more.  The afternoon with friends made life worth living, again.  I don't say that lightly.  I felt energized and happy for the first time in a very long time. The locosguys are in Mexico for their annual 3-week rest, so I'll see them when they return around Mardi Gras, March 4th.

I left with clear eyes, and a happy, festive buzz that carried me home where I got to work ordering new eyeglasses. One pair of bifocals, and one pair for the computer. The reading prescription hasn't changed much, so I'll wait to order those in a month or two when there may be more money to cover the cost.  I ought to have my tax refund - if there is one - in about 4 weeks. 

I can't wait for the new glasses to arrive.  The bifocals come with a free polarized clip-on for use in bright sun come summer. The computer frames are heavy duty and had to be because my prescription, especially the left eye has changed dramatically. I don't care as long as I can see again without getting headaches.  The cost for the two pair came in under $70.00 including shipping and ought to arrive in about a week. 

After a light supper, I took a shower and went to bed.  I slept like a stone and woke this morning feeling happier, more relaxed, and there is absolutely nothing on the gay agenda today. 

Sadly, the lovely spring-like weather has left us and we're in for rain and possibly snow showers today and overnight. But that's OK. we had 3 beautiful days in a row.  A gift, especially in February.

And so it goes.



  1. what a great day you had! and your writing reflects your upbeat, feeling better mood.

    and you got to talk with peter (the dear)! I am jealous! and sad that he will not be visiting this summer.

  2. I left a comment using the iPad, must gone lost in translation.

    It was great to hear and speak to you in 'person'. We must do that more often.


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