Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Epiphany Here

Having spent the past few days allowing the reality of American Healthcare sink in, I've gotten over the anger, though not the frustration.  I've come to accept the image at left as a possible truth.

I've dutifully taken all the meds on schedule, rested more than necessary, and tried to maintain a fair appetite.  Not always successful on that score. I get cravings, but cannot face the idea of standing at the counter doing all the prep.  Just not worth it.

When weighed last week, I'd lost another 1.5 lb.. I purchased some easier / faster to prepare foods, including a few frozen dishes - what's the difference, I can't taste much, anyway - and more packaged fruits as snacks. Trouble is, I don't get the snacking urge that I did in the past, when a bunch of grapes, strawberries, or an apple set me up for the afternoon. 

Been reading a bit, too.  I finished Theodore Roosevelt & the Assassin: Madness, Vengeance, and the Campaign of 1912 yesterday and was very pleased with it.  As a story-teller, the author, Gerard Helferich, did a great job holding my interest and keeping me engaged, page after page. I knew the basic story, but the added historical elements made the story stand out for me. If you're into historical stories, 20th century American politics, (accurately documented and detailed) you might want to give this a read.  

As usual for me, I'm finding it hard to get into another book. If I've just finished a really good one, it's not easy to find another one that grabs me right away.  A few new downloads on the Kindle, but they'll have to wait.

Speaking of reading, as you may know I get a lot of my news from The Guardian, so it was nice to see they've added their very understated comment to the Russian crackdown on LGBT people.  I love their new logo. 

All of that being said, I really must get my eyes (and head) examined. I need a new prescription in the worst way.  Can't even find an Optometrist willing to do an exam. They're scared off by the surgical mask, telling me to come back when the mask is history.  Well, that's not going to happen any time soon, now is it? 

My buddy, Deb, gave me the name of an Ophthalmologist not far from here, so I'll make the call, fill them in on the mask issue and see what they say.  I won't be driving 20 miles only to be rejected again.

Sure it may cost more, but I'm worth it and it's either that, or register for a cane and service dog.  

Meanwhile, a few EoY tax documents are yet to arrive and once they do, I'll get everything to Natalie so she can do the deed. There ought to be a nice refund this year, not having worked since August, 2013, but we'll see. 

As I've said before, I've learned to expect nothing so if something positive does come to pass, it will be a happy surprise.

One final note.  This morning, as I was quietly gaining consciousness, I thought about looking into Acupuncture therapy. Dunno why! I've had friends who swear by the treatments, though I'm not sure if my situation would be treatable.  After what I've experienced in these last 6 months, I have no fear of pain or needles. It may not amount to anything positive, but Hey, what have I got to lose?  Other than more pain, and larger needles, that is.

I've  been given two recommendations that I will call  beginning tomorrow.  Both have studios elsewhere and only in the area 2 or 3 days weekly, so setting up an appointment may be a bit difficult.  We'll see.

And so it goes.


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  1. In your honor I wore my Wayne-Shirt yesterday. I hope doing so it absorbed some of my vibes and sent it your way (via Mexico) for warmer days and better health.


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