Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sun Shines as Snow Falls on a Constructive Day.

The sun was shining as the snow fell yesterday.  Odd, beautiful and compelling. You could almost see tiny rainbows when you squinted in the bright light.  I sat on the porch for a while watching and listening to the snow make soft 'hissing' sounds as it hit any surfaces.

Sorted through the piles of medical bills and statements setting aside those requiring phone calls and pleas for patience.  Some of the bills are duplicates from entities I've already made arrangements with, so they'll be getting another call, but only after all the others are put into the queue for attention.

With the snow and temperatures falling, I thought it a good day to make a festive chili, so I gathered all ingredients and set about the task. Prep took about 20 minutes. It simmered all day making the apartment smell heavenly.

My body is responding to the steroid in a positive way, although the Raynaud's has gotten worse.  Both hands get numb and tend to cramp up from time to time. It will be interesting to find out my CBC today.  Will I require another transfusion, again tomorrow?  Maybe not.  At least I can dream, can't I?

Received email update regarding the new glasses - they are cutting and beveling the various lenses.  Who knows? The glasses may be here by the weekend.  That would be a wonderful thing, indeed.  I can dream, can't I? That notice also reminded me to send off a "thank you" note to the new eye doctor and his staff for taking such good care of me on Monday.  Their care and concern for a total stranger was refreshing to me. Greatly appreciated and gladly accepted. I wonder if anyone writes notes of thanks, anymore.  Maybe this sort of kindness is taken for granted, or perhaps out of the realm of experience for most people.

At any rate, they're kindness and generosity, certainly made my day one hell of a lot better. 

My sidekick, Deb called asking about setting up a date for lunch today after the Lab work. Sounded good to me, especially when she suggested the Henlopen City Oyster House for their specials of boiled shrimp and oysters Rockefeller. Barring any unforeseen health problem, we're set to meet around mid-day. Haven't been to the oyster house since last November, which was the last time I dined out, as well.

If the neutrophil count proves high enough, I won't have to wear the mask.  If so, this will be the first time folks at the Oyster House get to see my smiling face in over a year.  Hmmm!  Maybe they were better off while I wore the mask.  

The Chili, avocado salad, and garlic bread supper was delicious, but I am paying the price today. Haven't had anything that spicy for a long time and my innards are rebelling now. Oh well.  Any regrets?  Hell, No!!!

Off to the Labs!

More later.


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