Saturday, February 22, 2014


1. Do you have a sensitive nose?

2. Do you have allergies? 
Yes. Mostly seasonal.

3. Do you have a big nose? =}
Do you mean physically? No I do not have Cyrano's Nose. If you mean big as in nosey, gossipy, it's NO again.

4. Are there any smells that trigger memories for you?
Yes.  Plenty of them.

5. What are some of your favorite food aromas?
Bacon frying, Onions & garlic sautéed, fresh chopped cilantro, BarBQ, bread baking, freshly ground coffee. Popping Popcorn.

6. What are some of your favorite smells in nature?
Many flowers (peonies, carnations, roses), the salt air of the ocean, fresh cut grass, tilled soil. Old books.

7. Do you use air fresheners?
No. Open windows whenever possible does the trick. Occasionally I like a bit of incense, but not often. 

8. Do you like scented candles?
Only in Winter when home is shut, otherwise, no. I love candlelight, but not the additional scents, which usually overpower the natural air in the room.

9. Which food smells make you want to hurl?
I can't think of that ever happening to me.

10. What is the absolute worst smell for you?
Death. Rotting flesh.

What smells or aromas turn you on?
At some point or other, all favorites listed above. 

And so it goes.

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  1. Your #4 - It's said that smell is, for a lot of people, the most evocative of all the senses, and I can quite believe it.
    #5 - Even though, being veggie, the last time I had bacon was over 30 years ago, the smell of it frying (as when I visit my sister) gets me salivating like hell in the manner of Pavlov's dog. I just can't help it, Even now, with the mere thought of it, the juices are flowing.
    #6 - I'm with you on the scent of flowers. Some are so pleasantly subtle and delicate they almost make me swoon.


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