Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Best Picture Oscar Nominations

Best Picture
"The Blind Side"
"District 9"
"An Education"
"The Hurt Locker"
"Inglorious Bastards"
"A Serious Man"
"Up in the Air"

This is depressing. I have not seen ANY of them, and not even heard of three. Do I live in a "dead zone" - of what?  Slim pickings at the multiplex in these here parts. I'm surprised that Avatar is still playing, though doubt I'll get to see it.

More later, maybe.


  1. See "Avatar". You shouldn't be surprised to see that it is still playing. It is an excellent movie! I'm ready to see it again. Say what?

  2. I just wait until movies are sold on DVD's because I don't like sitting in a dark crowded theatre for 2 or 3 hours......

    The last time I went to a movie theatre was to see Rambo - guess that's because Rambo is my maiden name, and I wanted to see what it looked like in great big letters.

    Keep your shovel handy; I just read about the snow forecast, and I expect you'll have some more snow pictures to post soon.


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