Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blizzard in Coastal Delaware?

Afraid so...That's what the forecasters are predicting.  Anyone who has been to DE during or following a "snow event" of any kind knows that the state sucks at anything snow-related. Main highways are kinda-sorta cleared, but forget side roads and those in the beach towns and surrounding communities.

When I got to work this morning the forecasters were calling for up to 12" of snow beginning tomorrow and through Saturday night. As I left this evening it's now up to 24" and blizzard conditions with 40 mph winds. Not looking good. As I made my way back to the apartment I noticed that supermarket parking lots were pretty full, as were the gas stations.

Mind you we've already seen 10" last weekend, another 3" yesterday, and plenty of that is still on the ground, which is saturated from all the recent rains.

Virginia is already under a state of emergency with first-responders already getting into place.

I'm sure I'll be able to get to work tomorrow, but all bets are off for Saturday. The only fear is that we lose electric power. Everything in the apartment runs on electricity.  EVERYTHING!

Well, at least I have plenty of food, filled a container of water (we're on a well) and all ingredients for a Sazerac, so I'm good.

And so it goes.



  1. I was wondering what your forecast would be. I figured you were about to get walloped again because I've heard our forecast (6-12) and it indicated that regions to our south would be hit even harder.
    Stay safe, my friend! Stay safe!

  2. One thing I am SO THANKFUL. At least my power didn't go out. I'm sorry to hear that yours did.


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