Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Gayest Cook-top Ever!

Arriving from work today I noticed that the clocks were blinking again, so we lost power for a time today, as well.  Kinda freaked me out, but never mind.

When the power went down during Part 1 of the Blizzards of 2010 I thought it would be for a few hours - at most.  Never dreamed it would be out for days. Anyway, while suffering through extreme cold temperatures for two nights I had to rig up some way to make a warm meal. No camp stove or even a fondue set, but I had an idea, and this is the final solution to my problem.

Crystal wine glasses, an oven rack, a large candle, and small saucepan.  Heated stew, soup, and leftover chicken and mushrooms which were devoured with copious amounts of bread, salad, and crackers on the side.

Yes, it's probably the GAYEST cook-top, but it sustained me by providing 4 hot meals in a very cold apartment. So there!

More later.


  1. It's McGyver-style! But it worked!

    Like making an explosive from some string and a nail.


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