Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Like This, Please.

In a post prior to  the Bloggerpalooza I mentioned that it would be a daunting task to enjoy a significant conversation with so many in so little time. That said, many arrived Friday and got an early start on "Getting to Know You, 101" I was to join the fun later Saturday.

One thing we all love is food and many of the best conversations happen while dining - anywhere. Friday evening the group dined at 2 different restaurants (smaller groups) and enjoyed initial conversations and good food. The larger group had lunch at my place of employment on Saturday and continued to cement that bond.

When I arrived at the "hospitality suite" (a BIG Thank You to Cubby for the great idea) the atmosphere was one of old friends sharing drinks and laughs on a lazy spring afternoon. Being totally sober, I was odd man out and (for various reasons) nervous.  That quickly faded as I was embraced,  hugged again and made to feel like one of the gang.

Cosmos and conversations were freely flowing, I declined an offer for one.  Wanting to keep my wits about me so as to remember personal things from one-on-one or small group chats. The busy day at the restaurant meant no time for lunch for me.

Had 2 glasses of wine at the meet & greet and another one with dinner; plenty enough to get slapped with a DUI if stopped on the way home later.  Think Saturday night + Spring Break + Beach Resort = Drunks on the roads.

Following dinner we returned to the suite where more liquor was flowing and a couple of folks made a run to the store for more. For another 2 hours there was chatting, laughing, drinking and music. And still there were folks I didn't get to talk with. (sigh!) As I left and made my way down the stairs to the courtyard and parking lots, it was delightful to hear the happy sounds floating down from above as the party continued.

Those last happy sounds are what carried me home that night. For once, no CD played in my car and the silence of the night allowed the last sounds to reverberate in my head and put a permanent smile on my face. A joyful noise, indeed.

Processing events of the weekend a few things struck me as deliciously unusual: No political talk, no bitchy gay guy chit-chat, (oh sure there was snappy patter, but all positive and in good fun.) no holding back answers to personal questions; only a desire to get to know some bright, wonderful, interesting, down-to-earth people with different lives, from different states, countries, backgrounds, and professions.

I am off today and the sun is shining brightly.  It is now time for a few olives before I cook supper.  Cheers to all my new found friends.

And so it goes.


  1. love you, cajun! I too wish I had had more time to speak with more people. and I bet you and my spouse didn't even get to chat about silent movies! :(

    we gotta do this again! perhaps the DE contingent can gather and spouse and I can drive down and have a wonderful time over food and drink!

  2. Well said. I am so glad you came.


  3. I'm glad everyone had a good time and you could join the festivities at some point.

    Read some great posts on this blogopalooza. It's great you all got together.

  4. was quite happy to meet you - and of course I love the key chains !

  5. It was a treat to meet you!

  6. It was great to finally meet you, although I regret we didn't have more time to get to know each other better. Fortunately we live near each other! Loved your observations of no politics or bitchiness - just love. :-)


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