Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bad Weather & Good Movies

Always a good combination, if you ask me. 

Eventually got the car cleaned off this morning, (it took 3 attempts since I'm short of breath and chill easily) JIC I need to make a quick trip to the ER for transfusion.   It's been almost 2 weeks since the last one and the next appointment is set for this coming Thursday.

It was only when I came indoors for the last time and turned on the weather radio that I learned that there's a 40% chance of "snow showers" today. Oh, well.  It will be less to cope with than this last bit. 

It's gray, raw, and windy so I've decided not to venture outdoors for a shopping trip, or anything else, for that matter. 

Though the slap-dash minor fix got the laser printer working, it still makes a huge racket, so I'm going to chuck it completely and depend on the Epson for all printing needs.  A clean break is sometimes the best. At least for the immediate future. If I get too frustrated, I'll just get  another inexpensive laser printer and chuck the lot.

Watched 2 very different films last evening: 

"Good Night and Good Luck"

"Whale Rider"

Both great films and enjoyable every time I view them, since I always find something new during each viewing that I somehow missed previously.  

Whale Rider was last and that set me up for a relaxing night's sleep. Images of whales, Paikea, and her handsome father made for sweet dreams, indeed.

Haven't decided what, if anything, is on tap for this evening.  I may just take a painkiller (the back still hurts from the car-cleaning activities) and read the evening away.

And so it goes.


  1. isn't it interesting that some of the depictions in the first movie have been playing out again? beware the witch hunters in our society...

  2. If you have two car keys, you might like to try this little trick to make it easier to remove snow and ice from your car. Go out and start your car, turn your heater to its highest setting with it venting to your windshield with the fan on high. If you have those little ribbon heater strips in your back window or anywhere else, turn them on also. Get out of the car leaving it running, and lock the car with the other key, and then return inside to get warm. After 30 minutes go back out and check to see if the job is done!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I do have the valet key, which I am sure will work fine. Great idea.

    2. I've done this for many years and used to not lock the car, but we don't have that luxury anymore, except for when I am at the farm.

      Also, I learned the hard way, NEVER spritz windshield cleaner fluid on your windshield in winter as it will freeze to the windshield. Once, I was driving along during the snow and turned on my windshield wipers to help keep the windshield clear. Then I made the mistake of spritzing the fluid on and it froze immediately, COMPLETELY OBSTRUCTING MY VIEW!


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