Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life Adventures - A Short Story

"Don't be deceived by the melting ice, and warmer temperatures" they said. "All that will change rapidly this afternoon into the evening." OK, but I just had to bust out of here for a short time to run errands, fuel the car (it's been 3 months, after all) and keep a grip on what remains of my sanity.

As the constant dripping of melting ice hit the pavement I slipped and slid my way through the street to the car, where I ran into the head teacher at the pre-school downstairs.  I was surprised they were open today, but she assured me that they were closing early and would not be open tomorrow.  Seems the parents of the little darlings were none too pleased that the street had not been completely cleared.  Plowed yes, but huge shade trees blocked the sun and the roadway remains very icy. In any case, the powers that be thought it best to shutdown JIC.

Fine with me. I won't be subjected to the Sutherland and Callas of the post-diaper set for a day or two.

Put the emergency kit in the back seat, the scraper and shovel in the trunk, and the adventure began. As I made stop after stop, the air just seemed to get warmer and the winds calmer, so I plowed on.   Dropped off a prescription and did a bit of grocery shopping at the fave store - where I learned I'd accumulated 500 points = to $0.50 off per gallon of gasoline - then headed off to fill up the car.

When I arrived an elderly couple in the next lane was involved in an argument of some sort. He was screaming something at her and she was the one at the pump.  His yelling and craziness were getting out of hand so I suggested that if the problem as associated with the station's pumps, he should see the man in the booth to resolve the issue. In so many words, he told me to mind my business, got into the car, and slammed the door.

Evidently, the attendant had seen the entire performance, walked over and knocked on the car window. The old man almost jumped out of his skin. He reluctantly rolled down his window as the attendant tried to help  the situation along.

I was finished fueling by this time, but the gist seemed to be the old guy was attempting to pay for the sale using an Exxon credit card - this was not an Exxon station - and was suitably embarrassed by the scene he caused because of his stupidity.

I smiled at the lady who just rolled her eyes, shook her head and mouthed "give me strength" as she finished her fill-up, too.  She smiled back as I drove away.

The sun began to make an appearance as I drove east making me feel much warmer, indeed. A quick stop for a bottle of wine, then (thanks to a week-long craving) an additional stop for a pound container of homemade Giardiniera Salad  from a local store. It is crunchy, zippy, not too hot, and absolutely amazing.

When I arrived the school was already closed, sun was still out and breaking through some of the ice on the road.  As I began to empty the car I thought about paying a visit to the restaurant and spend some extra quality time outside the 4 walls of the apartment. I hopped back in the car and the adventure continued.

There was little business so I got to take off the mask, share a drink with Linda & Eddie, and split some delicious Nachos and conversation with the staff. It was only about 2 hours, but it was a real good shot in the arm for my attitude.

Walking back to the car I noticed the winds had kicked up and the temperature had already dropped significantly, the forecast may turn out to be accurate, after all.

Back home I was full physically and emotionally, so the salad and supper will wait until tomorrow evening when the supposed snow storm arrives in ernest.

A good day and a few good adventures. I'll sleep well tonight.

And so it goes.



  1. yeah, it got warm up here around lunchtime; things (like my driveway) rapidly melted. by the time I left work at 4:30p, back into the freezer! sux. :(

  2. So it turned into a very good day for you and sounds like you got some of your strength and energy back. Every good day really helps.

  3. Learn to cherish and focus on the good days. It makes a difference during the bad ones.


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