Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year? Yeah, uh-huh…

Blood work yesterday indicated a need for transfusion.  They couldn't squeeze me in that afternoon (NYE, perhaps?) so I was scheduled for 1/2/14 at 7:30 am.  By all means, Happy New Year!

Anyway, after the blood work and the oncologist it was time to be cheered up. Or so I thought.   Back in town auto and foot traffic was maddening. I wanted to spend some time at Dos Locos with staff and friends, but couldn't find a place to park. And although I live a mere 3 blocks away, it's not a walk I can make easily these days. I was lucky to find a vacant parking spot close to home, not far from my usual space.  Still, it was a walk I didn't look forward to, or need. Not by a long shot.

I called to let them know why I would be a no-show and they told me it had been "a zoo" since opening and the wait for table for lunch was around 45 minutes.  Glad I didn't try to visit.  Still, I really missed not being there.  So there it is:  Assuming the old saying is true, I'll be spending more time with hospital and cancer center staff in 2014.  Not a thrilling thought, that.

The sister now knows she isn't a match for me. I had to tell her.  She was getting suspicious, it wasn't fair, and I'd put it off long enough.  She was disappointed and upset at first until I told her that quite frequently siblings aren't a good match, so it wasn't anyone's fault.  We shared our quiet Christmas day stories and dinner menus, and by the time we ended the call she was in good spirits and I even had her laughing a bit. Always a good way to end a call. 

I made a light supper, enjoyed a glass of wine and was under the covers before 8 pm, ticking off the final minutes of a most  worn-out, thread-bare year. Couldn't wait for it to be over.  Asleep almost immediately.

I was awakened at midnight by the sound of the fireworks on the beach followed by people singing in the streets. I smiled and went back to sleep - I made it! - waiting for the dawn of the new year.

I was awakened - again, an hour later by loud, angry voices coming from below.  It was the redneck neighbors (the ones with the "Duck Dynasty" WELCOME mat on their porch, yeah, that bunch).  Drunk, angry, crying, banging car doors, apartment doors, and anything else they could find to bang up without breaking. 

His deep, hillbilly growl was replaced by little girl-like sobs as he begged her to forgive him (for whatever?) and let him in.  She continued screaming behind the closed (and locked) apartment door.  I promised myself that if he broke down the door, I would call the police.  

But, no need.  Like every good redneck mama, she got her way, played her role, brought him under control, got him to his knees and allowed him in - sobbing wildly all the time.

All this drama got me nervous and worked up (no stranger to domestic violence and loud arguments), it took a while to calm myself down again.  Slid back under the covers and slipped away once again into a dream state that, no matter the content, would be a better experience than I had just been privy to wide awake. 

I woke up to a quiet building and street.  Made a coffee, sourdough toast and found a few text messages and one missed FaceTime opportunity on the phone. It was way too early to reply, so I made a note to do so later in the day.

Following breakfast, I cranked up the Mac preparing to update files of medical statements, results of phone calls when I realized  the printer was dead. It powers on, but there's no cycling sounds and no heat for the toner.  The engine seems to have bought the farm.  

It was unplugged and the innards were cleaned and brushed. (This is done every few months anyway.) I connected the laptop (running Windows - which means all functions should work) again nothing.  I sipped another coffee.

The printer drivers were reinstalled on the MAC (which only allows for printing - scan & copy functions aren't supported) but to no effect.  When the printer is turned off, then on again, there is an audible 'click' but the motor is silent. It's been a great printer and a good buy back in 2008, so I checked out Canon's website for repair information.  

First shocker: the nearest authorized repair shop is 45 miles away in Dover, DE. Second shocker: input of the model number coughed up a minimum estimate of $75.00! It cost $129.00 six years ago.  No complaints.  It's a laser printer and very economical to operate.  The one drawback, as noted above,  MAC doesn't support scan and copy functions and Canon offers no support or explanation.  I don't know why.

So the hunt is on today for a new 'Mac compatible' all-in-one printer.  At this point it appears I may have to give up laser  if I want all functions of an all-in-one, or settle for a plain laser printer and use the flatbed scanner for copies and scanning.  More wires and the extra space required bother me, though. 

It's always something!

Anyway, I'll try again today (early) to stop by Dos Locos for New Year wishes and a cup of cheer. By the sounds of revelry last night, I may be lucky to get a parking spot today because the night crawlers are likely to be late in bed, or nursing nasty hangovers.  Or, both.

Scheduled for transfusion tomorrow morning at 7:30 am means I'll probably be out of there by 3 pm.  That ought to keep me moving for another week or two.

Cheers!  And, Happy New Year.

And so it goes.



  1. What a way to bring in the New Year! I have to say I'm glad I didn't have to listen and witness what you had to last night but having said that, I will admit a guilty pleasure reading about it. As for your printer. Get a new one. They're dirt cheap. Check out the printers at BJ's in Millsboro (skip Staples, too expensive). You'll get a good wireless printer for under $100 that scans, copies, and faxes. As you know the printers are so cheap these days because they make their money by the toner cartridges. I prefer laser but got an ink jet and am still on the original packet of ink jets. Since HP dumped Carley Fiorina, HP has wise up and made the ink jets last longer and did away with the squirrely software that caused so many to dump their previous "3 in 1" printers.
    Good luck with the new year. All I have planned are doctor's visits, no more operations! Hope the same is for you. I figure I only have about two years left so I'm making the most of it.

    1. Ron, only dirt cheap printers are "dirt cheap" and I am not about to throw away good money. In some cases the inks cost more than the printer. What's the point?

      Oh, and if I check out before you, I'll save you a seat at the bar in hell. Everyone we know will be there. ;-)

  2. HNY, cajun! domestic violence bothers me also, having grown up with it. I would have called the cops on the rednecks anyway; let them get arrested for disturbing the peace.

    new blood for the new year. somebody call bela lugosi.

    1. I would have called had he gotten violent and threatened her in any way. I have to live here, after all.

  3. Good Luck in the AM .... I'm with you on the "old" saying I spent last nite at the ER with the ICD going haywire or my heart was and hope that's not a cursor of the upcoming months!

  4. My, my. That's a lot of drama for a New Year's Eve. I hope the new blood livens up the new year (or at least the first couple of weeks in January) for you.


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