Monday, January 6, 2014

Rains Before the Cold

Haven't ventured outdoors since before the storm hit.  Brutally low temperatures and extremely high winds shook things up here pretty bad. 

Opting instead for the relative calm and quiet of home, I made that pot roast, a beet salad, and a side of egg noodles for dinner.  Delicious!  There. Be. Leftovers.  

I streamed 4 recent episodes of "Making Things" from NOVA presented by David Pogue, which took up the better part of yesterday afternoon.  Pogue is the Tech Geek at the NYT and leads the occasional TED lecture on all things techie. Fascinating, amusing and sometimes LOL 4 hours of entertainment.

Granted I'd already seen some "innovations" in BBC docs from 2012, but this is Murrica, folks.  We're not the swiftest at reporting science and geeky stuff.  Still there were a few new promising research projects in the US that may prove worthwhile using natural resources, not fossil fuels. 

Having done nothing to save the world, or humanity, over the weekend, there is little to write about.  I am mulling over a recap of the medical mishap from last week.  There is an old saying "Bad decisions and stupid mistakes make for a good story."  If that's true, I may have a great one on my hands. I'll run it up the flagpole later and see what happens. 

Right now, while the temperatures hover in the 50s and the rain comes down in buckets, I've got to check on the car and run a few errands before all that changes and another winter blast sets in this evening.  Besides, I just need to get out into the fresh air.  Warm air!

Going to get as much done as possible before awaiting another call from Christiana surgeon's office due this afternoon. Yes well, in the best of all possible worlds that could happen.

More later.



  1. Same here, preparing for the Winter Blast. Made 15 bean soup today. Raining now, good time for a nap. Not feeling well now, have no idea what this is but I'm sure it's not another kidney stone, thank God. Be warm and comfy.

  2. It might not be as bad where you are. It will be bad enough.


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