Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Limited Success, Limitless Bull**it, & Teddy Roosevelt

Who knew a single well-directed, terse email would garner such results?  The telephone rang 5 times throughout the day Tuesday.  First from the Christiana surgeon's head nurse who noted receiving a "reminder" catching up to sort out any misunderstanding  or confusion. She even read from my computer file which was open in front of her and verified a number of items that had been updated from last week's transfusion.  That, in itself was a positive experience.

 It appears everyone in the office goes on holiday between Thanksgiving and New Year. The office remains open, runs pretty much on auto-pilot, idling through the month primarily maintaining or stabilizing existing patients.  Great!  Why did no one tell me this before?  Oh, never mind.

All other calls, staffers setting up lab and additional test appointments, were apologetic and dripping with mea culpas.  At times the sweetness oozed so much I thought a few teeth might rot and fall out of my mouth.

In any case, after all the tripping over one another to appease a crazy old man, I have an appointment in Christiana on Friday morning - this Friday - not next month. 

In other news, yet another letter was received from the State Health services informing me that my assistance (which went into effect 12/2013) was being cancelled.  (Assistance I didn't know about, I might add.) Why? The $2.97 increase in monthly SSA payments that begin this month - January, 2014, that's why. Of course, the Health Service received the news of the increase, not I.  Previous history has taught me to believe it when it appears in my bank account.  Not before. 

In all honesty, I don't think this "assistance" was ever applied to anything related to my well being, or healthcare. Certainly no money ever appeared in my account.  So, easy come - and all that. I can't fight this crap anymore. 

After a few day's delay caused by the Polar Vortex (sounds like the name of a 1960s rock band, doesn't it?), the new printer arrived last evening. The box sits in the middle of the living room unopened.  I have no energy to cope with the setup right now.  Perhaps it is a good thing to just let the contents thaw out for another day or two.

Found a new book to pass time during the Lab work tomorrow and anything thrown at me on Friday.  "Theodore Roosevelt and the Assassin" by Gerard Helferich,  (published in 2013) is of course, the story of the attempted assassination of Roosevelt during the presidential campaign of 1912. Roosevelt left office after 2 terms, became disappointed and figuring he could do a better job than his hand-picked successor - Taft, decided to run for a third term. Teddy was then stalked by a crazy German-American immigrant would-be assassin. Sounds like a good read. We'll see.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to crunch some numbers to decide just what medical bill that extra $2.97 will help me pay. You can't make this stuff up.

Stay warm everyone. I hear we're suppose to break the freezing point today.  Woo-hoo!  A heat wave.

And so it goes.

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  1. The left hand (sinister, it is) never lets the right hand know what it is doing!

    Maybe you should have ordered a 3D printer, so that you could make your own organs. Just saying.


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