Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Palin, Christie-the-Hutt vs. Real News

These fabulous pics of Sarah Palin's new pumps clearly show that at least someone is supporting hot-damn-stripper.com. Does my heart good.  Flag desecration, anyone?

Christie-the-Hutt (no pics) needs a leitmotif and, in typical Jersey fashion, a pair of cement shoes. The bizarre scandal is everywhere - all the time.  Like The Blob! Even the political cartoons runneth over with the hungry hippo's antics, or supposed antics. The Corpus Christie BS never ends. So happy I don't have TV service at this time.  

Now the brouhaha is all about DirecTV dumping the Weather Channel in some kind of contract dispute.  Well I say, bye-bye Jim Cantore and his macho self bravely stupidly standing up to gale-force winds of hurricanes and the like. Sometimes I wish he would just blow away.  Now that's a tape I would purchase!!

At least I can find real news at the BBC and the Guardian about, you know, what's really happening in the world. Nigeria, Sudan, West Virginia, and like that. (Did you hear what happened in West Virginia?  Apparently not many folks did.)  The coverage includes well produced video with intelligent reporting - things in short supply here in the US media.

In local news, yet another letter received this day from the SSA totally debunking the information in the letter posted earlier from the DE Health and Social Services office.  I knew it would, eventually. The SSA remains true to form in contradicting their own statements, as well as discrepancies in their intelligence.  (And I use that term very loosely.) It has been so since I first signed up in June, 2011. 

I'm not going to fret and am too tired to fight with these entities. Takes more energy out of me than I can spare. If only I could return to work - even a few days a week - it would appear a better future all round.  But, it is what it is.

A large envelope containing details of the "prescription assist plan" (received yesterday) arrived and I find that the primary outlet drugstore is Rite-Aid.  Seems like a fairly good plan, but what do I know? I am not familiar with their stores or policies. I'll check it out tomorrow.  There was also a $20.00 check - reimbursement for the dead smartphone.  That was fast.   I'll try not to spend it in one place, OK?

All kidding aside, the difference between the smartphone and the iPhone is like night and day. Maybe because the LG was dying a slow death, and I didn't notice the gradual decline in the voice signals, but the reception on the iPhone is outstanding, voices clearer, with faster send/receive times.  I may be imagining all this, but it seems true.

All that said, I have a Nikon D-70 Digital SLR like-new, with extra lenses, accessories and camera bag for anyone who wants it.  It's a great camera - one of Nikon's best digitals.  Just let me know, and all is yours. Spread the word. No strings attached.

And so it goes.



  1. those are some butt-ugly shoes on a butt-ugly woman. and she would be the first to bitch about flag undies or some other article of clothing. bitch. perhaps she'll break her leg walking about in those.

  2. You're right about the iPhone. My neighbor Barbara got another smartphone even after I advised her to get an iPhone when she asked me. Of course she was disappointed with her phone and now has an iPhone. I'm done with all none Apple products including Windows based computers. Since I moved to an iMac three years ago I haven't had to call "you know who" once to come and unfreeze my computer.
    I hope your can get back to work at least a couple days a week.

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