Monday, January 13, 2014

Plans? What a Laugh

I ought to know after these many months of quick-changing health issues, not to make plans - not even a day ahead.  It can all fall apart so quickly.  Old (wishful thinking) habits die hard.  I think we all like to look forward to things in life.  Even, little things. 

I seldom think about the bad days until they arrive and knock me out of circulation. The mixture of highs and lows from Friday afternoon made me feel almost giddy about returning to DL on Sunday to see other folks for the first time since their returned from the holidays.  Never happened.

Weakness and nausea kept me homebound on Saturday and into Sunday. Eating nothing and unable to get comfortable for a proper sleep. Bothered by night sweats and chills (no fever though) I had to strip the bed.  New pillows are definitely on the gay agenda this week. These are only a few months old, but just can't go through washing & drying anymore.

Forced myself into the shower yesterday, shaved and struggled to find energy to dress and head over to see everyone at the restaurant.  Dizzy and short of breath, I finally gave in, put the clothes away and, snuggled in sweats and under the covers, read for a few hours.  Nodding off now and then.

Phone calls today include setting up the appointment with the specialist at Hopkins, a chat with my sister (hopefully, we know how that can be) and an apology to the Locosguys for being a no-show yesterday. 

If I feel up to it, I'll set out to search for new pillows. Slim pickings around here. The nearest B, B & B is 40 miles away My favorite retailer no longer has a store front - sells online only - and I don't feel like waiting a week or more for delivery.  A new store opened nearby recently, so perhaps I'll give a look-see there. 

In any case, eventually I will go downstairs to see what new surprises are waiting in the mailbox.  Gee, I can hardly wait.

No other plans, however. 

And so it goes.



  1. I got a nice set of pillows at Walmart.

  2. I know just a little of what you experience in waking up to a daily struggle and trial, though it doesn't yet happen to me with the same frequency as seems to affect you - but my time will surely come. What a life this is! - a 'life' of sorts! Hope you can keep your aches, pains and other discomforts at bay at least at times long enough to be able to enjoy whatever other pleasures you have.

    1. don't be so resigned. I know folks in their 80s enjoying good health, if unable to do all they used to do. What's happened to me is a fluke and happens to those far younger than I, unfortunately. Keep that chin up and carry on!

  3. I go to that huge kitchen and bedding store on the corner up there along the Busy Road (it's not BB&B). Dang, I hate this old stuff, I can't remember crap! But like you, I need to go get new pillows. I sure sleep better with two nice firm pillows under this fat head.

    Hope you get feeling better, cajun! Only a few weeks to bloggerpalooza, and you never know where we'll show up next!

    Peace <3


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