Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hold On … To Nothing

Nine hours, IV of Potassium, IV of Magnesium, 2 Units of Whole Blood later.

The port wouldn't close. Bled all over everything.  Ruined shirt and old jeans.  (Always wear old clothes from now on.)  Another half hour and I was home.

I have plenty of nothing to share, so I will.

And so it goes.



  1. how tedious and tiresome for you.

  2. Sorry that you're going through this torture.

  3. So glad you are singing those lyrics . . ."Hold On"! Do indeed hold on. Thinking of you from down south here in NC.

  4. I wear an old sweatshirt and jeans for my bi monthly INR check for the exact reason. "hold on" are good lyrics for sure. For some reason I was humming "ode to Billie Joe" leaving the clinic last week.

    1. Roger, did you know that you can check your INR at home weekly yourself with just a finger stick? That's the way I do it now, after years of monthly trips to the lab. It is similar to finger stick testing for blood glucose. You call in the results to the company who provides the equipment and they notify your doctor. If it is outside the desired range, your MD contacts you. Ask your doctor about it. Medicare and supplemental insurance pays for it in full for me.


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