Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowplacelikehome? Snowpocalypse?

No.  It's only January. 

The Cancer Center moved my appointments from Thursday to Tuesday morning, JIC things went to Hell.  They did! Worried expressions of a staff clearly fearing the worst was to come - the end of the world - were everywhere. Even the bustling and nervous conversations were a little unsettling. The rumors of accumulation varied from 4 inches up to 14 inches. OK, maybe inland, but not here at the shore.

Labs were drawn at 8 am, and though my Dr's appointment was set for 8:45, because of the expected "State of Emergency" to be issued by the governor, many staff had to make arrangements for their school-age kids. The appointment didn't happen until 9:30 and the edginess was palpable during the entire time. 

Meanwhile I got a text from a friend asking if I needed any supplies before the storm.  He was heading out for a few things and thought about me.  I texted back explaining where I was and that I was pretty sure I was well supplied for the duration. A kind and thoughtful gesture on his part, to be sure. 

The appointment seemed a distraction for the doctor and nurses. I have serious doubts that anything talked about, (i.e. the Hopkins Specialist, the JAK-2 Study, and the Chemo treatment) will ever be acted upon, so I will follow up when this is over. I was grateful to get out of there and head back home - overjoyed that no transfusion was necessary this day.

The storm was due to begin its dumping by around 10 am, it was almost 11 am, so snarled traffic was at a peak as I got back on the road. Car parks at the supermarkets were full and drivers already on the road were on cell phones for whatever reason.  As if they need one.

I needed nothing.  Tried to find off-road parking, but was too late. Have to take my chances at being plowed in if the snow is that deep. It is what it is.

Snow didn't begin falling until mid-afternoon, with sharp, fine flakes and not much had fallen by sundown.  The real magic happened overnight. I was awakened a few times by howling winds. Thankfully, we didn't lose electric power. So far…

The weather radio has just informed me that the storm warning has been lifted, but the state of emergency remains in effect until sometime later. The high wind warning is also in effect - with gusts up to 30 mph. Temps are in the teens at the shore and twenties inland. In the pre-dawn light it looks like I have about 6 inches of powder on everything. Of course that will change as the snow blows and drifts throughout the day.

And that's the news from your friendly frozen fruit here in the mid-Atlantic region of the country. I hope things are better where you are and that you are warm and toasty.

And so it goes.



  1. check out my blog for pix taken this morning.

  2. It's good to know you're save and sound at home. Take care!

  3. You said it, thank God the power didn't go out.


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