Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Well Wishes for Lt. Dan Choi

Lt. Dan Choi, who became one of the public faces of DADT, was hospitalized in a Veteran's Administration mental health facility yesterday. Choi chose to make his breakdown and hospitalization public via email:
I did not initially want to publicize this but I now realize it is critical for our community to know several things: veterans gay or straight carry human burdens, Activists share similar burdens, no activist should be portrayed as super human, and the failures of government and national lobbying carry consequences far beyond the careers and reputations of corporate leaders, elected officials, High powered lobbyists, or political elites. They ruin lives.

He got right to the point. Get Well, Lt. Choi.

More later.


  1. I met him at a rally in D.C. earlier this year or it may have been the one back in October of 2009. He seems like a really nice guy. He's the real deal.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Yes, I send him my best wishes and prayers.


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