Friday, December 3, 2010

Video: Six Flags New Orleans Abandoned Since Katrina

Don't know how long this video will remain online. The videographer yanked it a few days after its initial post.  The reason is unknown. It's back, for now.

We all know what joyous place an amusement park is when filled with people, but few of us know what it's like when empty, or deserted - like this. They never cleaned up, or even came back. Everything is just as it was when they shutdown a few days before Katrina.

The aspect ratio of this video is too large for this format and resizing it would do the film a great injustice, so please go and view this interesting bit of  wasteful history.

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour.

The park is scheduled to be demolished in January 2011.  Words fail.

And so it goes.


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