Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stuffed, Slogged, Shopped, Sipped, Searched, and Surprised

Woke this morning feeling like someone had stuffed my head to near bursting with dry socks.  Don't ask.  That's the closest I can come to describe the feeling. Hard to breathe without discomfort; dry throat didn't help and talking was forbidden unless I wanted to croak like a frog.

Slogged through the usual morning rituals and brewed a coffee before hitting the shower. Felt somewhat relieved afterward as the pressure seemed to dissipate thanks to the extra warm moisture. So, I pulled it together and by the time I arrived at the restaurant the head was clearer and gravity didn't have the same pull as it had earlier. A true blessing, that. (Yes, that's Clara Bow. Click the image to embiggen.)

It was a busy lunch with folks taking a break from last minute shopping in town and/or just needing a margarita to cope with the rest of the day.  Most were leaving today to be with family and friends for the holiday, but it was interesting to note that not one of them was flying - anywhere. Driving, the train, or bus was all they were going to deal with. So, I said to myself, self, now isn't that odd.

Sipped a golden margarita after-shift cocktail which was followed by hugs and kisses all round as I left work this evening (the restaurant is closed the 24th and 25th) and I have to open the place early on Sunday morning. It takes extra time for the kitchen to get up to speed after being shutdown for 2 days.

Searching for an idea of what to do for the next two days. Maybe read, do some cooking, or get out and walk around town taking pictures. I know I will hit the beach at North Shores at some point, it's been a tradition since my previous life and the only one I continue to enjoy alone.

Arrived home to find a package on the porch from new friends (friends of a friend) in NYC.  I was surprised and delighted when I opened it to find homemade goodies, a variety of cookies and some tiny salty crackers - and just enough (plenty!) for me. Well, there is no one to share them with, after all.

I have to decide whether I want to indulge preparing a special Christmas meal, or just relax and enjoy another bowl of the soup I made earlier this week. Yes I know, such hard life decisions.  Oy!

Anyway, I wish everyone of you that special something that you wish for yourself. Cheers!

And so it goes.


  1. Just take good care of yourself, these holidays are just another day at the calendar. Enjoy them while you can.

    Do I sniff marinated olives somewhere?

  2. @ Peter: This will be the 4th Christmas I have spent alone. I am used to it by now, but that doesn't mean I like it. Yes, you did sniff olives - and they're right here! Bless you.

    @Lem: The same back to you and I hope you will find the time to post again soon.


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