Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update: Extricated Car, New Coat, Gloves, & Year

After exhausting all local options at finding a good winter coat there arrived an email message from Land's End in my in-box this afternoon, an invitation to their "winter's end" event.  Yes, I know, winter has just begun, but hey, that's retail. So I clicked on over to their site and found just what I've been looking for - and it was half price, to boot.

I know their reputation for the quality of their Squall line of outerwear, having purchased one for the man in my previous life. It was light, durable, and effective to temperatures of -10' F.  He wore that coat for over 10 years. The customer reviews are good, so I ordered one along with a pair of thermal, lined gloves. I dislike heavy, bulky overcoats made of materials that get even heavier when wet or snowed upon. This one should fill my needs very well.  And it's machine washable. What's not to like?   It ought to arrive by the middle of next week, and if our current weather is any indication of what's in store, that arrival will be none too soon.

My car was extricated from its snowy prison last evening,  thanks for the most part to friend/co-worker Bahram, who did most of the shoveling in just the right places so that I could drive out from under. It was done in less than a hour. I could never have done it alone. By the time we got to it, the snow was very heavy and my back would given out sending me back to the hospital had I attempted to remove the snow pack. Free at last, thank God almighty, or something along those lines. When the car was parked in a cleared spot Bahram gave me a hug and said, "now, if you need anything in an emergency, you can get it, and I won't be worried after you." Sweet man.

Another busy lunch at the restaurant today with everyone in great holiday spirits, which always makes my day so much easier. The margaritas helped, I'm sure, but there was an air of festivity as old timers arrived and connected with other old timers here for the holiday weekend. This is such a LARGE small town. If you get my drift.

I held down the front end while the bosses managed preparations for tomorrow in the back of the house. With many reservations (and so many regulars returning) they began to plot and chart times, booths, tables, parties, (early with kids, and those arriving later and staying for the duration) and computerizing everything down to the tiniest detail.  I watched in amazement.  This is how to run a restaurant on a holiday evening. I wish I could explain it a bit better, but this will be my first New Year's Eve at the restaurant and I am totally lost. Still, they know their customers and how they will act, react, and respond to their surroundings tomorrow night. I just took care of business up front so they were free to do their planning thing.

The snow continues to melt, albeit very slowly.  I doubt it will be gone by tomorrow evening, but at least there is no new snow in the immediate forecast. My shift ends at 5 pm tomorrow and I plan to walk home, enjoy a few olives, maybe watch a DVD or VHS (remember them?) and go to bed early. Being alone on New Year's Eve has advantages, especially if you not with someone you love.

And so it goes.


  1. If any of your customers overindulge in the bubbley, send them up this way to the hotel. We're offering 20% off the rack rates. EXCELLENT SERVICE.
    This year for the first time in my recent memory, I'm not working New Year's Eve. Nice. I can watch Dick Clark try to act like he hasn't had a stroke. Give it up Dick. Happy New Year!

  2. Well then on NYE I too will be home, so I will have a glass in your honor/toast the 2011 as a good one for you.

  3. Just know you're loved, and that somewhere in the world it's already 2011. It's just another day on the calendar.

    Cheers to you! [long distance clinging of martini glasses]

  4. How wonderful to have friends like Bahram!


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