Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surprises: A New Floor, Stoli Carpet & Snow

During my days off the dos locos had the dining room and bar floors redone and clear-coated. A beautiful surprise when I arrived this morning, but that wasn't the best part...oh no, they chose to give my feet and legs a rest by adding a sweet gay carpet to my host area.  Do you like it? (click the image to embiggen.)  I love it and kept asking everyone if they "thought it made me look too gay."  Howls of laughter was the typical response, but I don't care.  It's mine, all mine.

I have happy feet, to boot.

Then, a half hour before opening flurries began to fall. WTF? We turned on the Weather Channel (they don't have a good track record with predictions for this area of the mid-Atlantic) and sure enough, this was supposed to be a southwest event with the snow falling in Virginia and DC areas.  As the snow became heavier and the temperatures dropped it was clear that they missed the mark again. By noon the forecast for the area had changed to 'snow showers with up to an inch possible' but by this time there was already a 2 inch layer of powder on the ground. No wind to speak of, which was a blessing.

As I left work more than 4 inches was on the ground and the forecast was changed again 'to expect this event to continue until 10 pm.'  Ah Yes, 2 inches my frozen ass! I must say it is beautiful and the quiet as I walked home was relaxing.  Only the sound of the snow under foot was my company on the journey.

I'm not complaining, friends all over Europe are suffering through brutal and harsh conditions that are nearing nightmare proportions in some countries. I send my love and prayers to all.

Time for a little Christmas red & green (stuffed olives) as I get preparations for supper under way. The walk to work tomorrow should be interesting.

And so it goes.


  1. The Dos Locos know how to show some color.

    Watch were you're going tomorrow, it's still slippery under the frozen wet!

    Verification: glidingh

  2. Northern Europeans are really getting socked this spring. Some towns are already out of road salt!


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