Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GLEE: Oh, Baby It's Cold Outside!

Frank Loesser's wonderfully funny, sexy and unforgettable wintry duet is one of my all time holiday faves. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Betty Carter, Sammy Davis Jr., Carmen McRae, and so many others have offered their take on these delectable lyrics - both tongue in cheek and otherwise. But...

I was floored to receive this clip from the TV show, GLEE (which I have never seen, since I don't have either cable or satellite service) serving up this great old classic sung by 2 of the new generation, with a gay sensibility and youthful, sophisticated playfulness. I love it!
Yes I know, I am an incurable shoot me!

The holiday season is a little brighter tonight.

And so it goes.


  1. We watch Glee every week - even DVR it in case we are out. Yes, it is silly soap opera, but I love the music and I loved this cover. Of course, I'm loving Kurt's new friend (the guy on the right in the still for the video).

  2. I've given up on Glee. I can't stand it! I know, that's not very Gay of me but that's how it is. Regardless, I did see this video the other day and I absolutely love it.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Not having cable or dish, I haven't ever seen the show. My fave TV runs along the lines of Discovery, History, Nat/Geo, PBS, BBC, and the like.

    I fell in love with this because it's a classic done with a gay sensibility - and it's done so well.

    Thanks for the visit and comments, guys.


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