Monday, December 6, 2010

There's Holiday Good News, and Then...

The jaw is much better, thanks for all the well wishes - though not completely healed - I can actually chomp a festive sandwich on a baguette without real pain.

Work has been going well though last weekend was a bit slower than usual - being the weekend after Thanksgiving, it's always so - but the restaurant and the town took on the air of the Season.

The staff was buzzing all day about the Christmas Party tomorrow evening and staff of both restaurants are getting excited and looking forward to a good time.  The bash is happening at a relatively new restaurant opened by the owners of a well-established, upscale eatery in town  I purchased my "gift" for some unknown family member and I hope I chose well.  Though I probably won't be present for the gift exchange ( occurs too late for me) I am sure I will hear about it in the days to come.

Received two lovely Christmas/Holiday cards from friends who recently moved to Florida and others living now in Connecticut. It was grand to hear from them, but both cards had to be forwarded to the new address. Either they didn't received the original address change, or forgot about it.  Fortunately, they sent current email addresses, so I can update them with a personal note, as well as my own Holiday Wishes.

On the other hand, it has turned very cold with high winds, and snow is forecast for the tonight and tomorrow.  However, I am without a proper winter coat.  My old one was rendered unwearable last February after the third blizzard when I fell in the snow and ice and it was ripped beyond repair.  And you know, even in February, all the stores were already hawking their spring collections with not a winter coat in sight. I've had to drive to and from work all weekend (embarrassing) for that reason, so tomorrow I go on another expedition.  Last week I checked out L.L Bean, they're leaving the area with little to offer; Eddie Bauer had slim pickings, too. My options are growing thin, but I am sure I will come up with something both affordable and warm prior to the party tomorrow night. Or, so I hope.

If this snow "event" becomes more than flurries, or a dusting, it's likely this Cajun will huddle under the covers most of the day enjoying music, then perhaps enjoy an olive before venturing over to the party venue where I hope to take a few pictures of the event and friends.

And so it goes.

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  1. Glad to hear your jaw is doing better. Just in time to enjoy the holiday feasts.


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